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  1. Race__24

    Located Wynn Vale, South Australia
  2. Race__24

    Sorry mate, I don't come on here often. Both are still available.
  3. I have an Emanage Ultimate with loom for sale. It was working fine when removed, I've just upgraded to a Haltech. I have a used standard loom and an unused s15 loom. There are also the plugs to wire in a wideband and MAP sensor. I'm looking for $350 with either loom. I also have a Emanage Blue, the unit works fine, it has a few dings and scratches. It has the special cable and software to tune it on a laptop. It will come with the ignition and injector loom. I'm wanting $150 for this one.
  4. Race__24

    Emanage Ultimate with loom etc. I also have an unused plug and play loom for a s15. Looking for $350 for the emanage and either loom.
  5. What is the part number for the pistons?
  6. Race__24

    How much for the manual conversion?
  7. Race__24

    I'm still after these if anyone has some
  8. There are aftermarket maxima struts on ebay for $30
  9. Race__24

    You want to use fibreglass resin mixed with micro-beads to fill gaps in fibreglass. Then sand back smooth
  10. As title says, I'm after a set of stock springs, preferably in Adelaide.
  11. Race__24

    I've got 2 engines to sell. Both need a rebuild as they have compression issues, one is possibly missing a ring land. They are in various states of assembly but both still have the bottom ends intact with the heads on. I would prefer to sell them whole as I want them gone. I will part them if needed. Located in Gawler SA
  12. No, one engine is a series 2 RB25DET the other a series 1.