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  1. Haha nice. I didn't realise the gravity of what you had been through at the time, was just happy to get nice discount on a virtually new up-spec alternator. Small world, thought I would have a read of your thread on account of funny title. Surprised it triggered the memory actually, here I was thinking I was pre-alzheimers. The alternator, while I am sure won't cause any trouble, definitely cannot harm anyone or thing in it's current state, on a shelf in my garage next to my dusty, amperely challenged car. One day will get around to fitting it.
  2. Reading this, did I, per chance, buy your aftermarket 120amp (?) alternator, through fb marketplace? The girlfriend I picked it up from told me a similar story... she didn’t however inform me that the alternator was quite possibly cursed 😬
  3. I should have held on to all mine! I think I gave the last one away to clear out space. That one has watercooling. But for that price you could EASILY get something far more modern, brand new, ball bearing etc I did have a high flowed one with a slightly larger compressor wheel that was ace. All the response of the stock turbo but able to handle an extra 4psi over the stock one. I have a load of stock ceramic exh GTR turbos lying around... I wonder if they will/have come back into fashion with the way GTR part prices are going.
  4. I spent a lot of time messing around with these. It looks very much like an early oil cooled version of the Garrett AiResearch M10 T2 as found on leaded N12 Pulsar ET Turbo E15ET engines. Exhaust housing has been rotated from the standard position to suit. T2 exhaust flange. See photos here. Particularly the second and third photos. In the second photo you can see that metal block on the exhaust housing, that you can see in your photo. Also third photo shows the core and oil inlet that matches yours. Used circlips for both comp and exhaust housing, and would suit your stated HP. http://www.micra.com.au/community/message.php?messageid=1934
  5. What you finally got my new filler neck did you?
  6. My filler neck is toast too... get me a new one while you are at it!
  7. Mate you are gonna need more tape on those cooler pipes for it to hold the 8psi you are going to run
  8. Just gathering dust and appreciating in value! I must say I was pretty tempted to buy it when you had it up for sale.
  9. If Richmond are not in the GF and it isn't full ill definitely be a maybe for this one
  10. Great event massive thank you legends for putting it on and also to all to those poor volunteers standing in the freezing cold so we could fang our cars. Owe you all a beer. For the first running of an event, and given the complicated logistics of getting all those cars through each stage it was incredibly smooth. Had a great day, car held together after a long sit. Great stuff.
  11. I am in the same boat @Tony Olsson. I think last time you guys gave me my new card on the day of the event, happy to do that again if that is possible!
  12. For me HKB boss kit, D1 spec quick release (ball bearing, no slop) and I have a slightly dished wheel as well. Air bag light I think my 34 has some tape over it, but remove the bulb is a good option.
  13. Beautiful work, I didn't expect this level when the title read freshen up. Fresh indeed!
  14. I've done a couple of cars now. Dry ice as much as you can, then carby and throttle body cleaner dissolves it somewhat. Lots of elbow grease though no getting around it if you want it all off without taking paint off.
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