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  1. It definitely does look like a g30-770.
  2. G30 turbine flow : G35 turbine flow : The compressor flow chart : 770 : The 900 one : and finally the 1050 one : All were taken from ATP website so I consider these as legit but still take these with a grain of salt as they were not officially released.
  3. I'll post everything i managed to squeeze out from the ATP website in a few hours.
  4. I got it from ATP when they were updating their site with the g30/35 to come. I managed to save all the compressor and turbine map from their site for the g30 and g35 but the g30-660.
  5. Awesome result ! A friend is thinking about stepping up on his SR. Can you give me some details about your setup or point me to your topic where you present your setup.
  6. Some EV14 are even cheaper than that. Got 6 630cc EV14 for ~80$ each. These are stock injectors from some porsche 911 turbo or GT2 or something so pretty cheap and readily available.
  7. Nope i just retrofitted intake camshaft and pulley from an S1 RB25 on my RB20 (coming from a R32). I drilled and taped the camshaft cap to install some kind of banjo fitting through the cam cover in the cap , a solenoid and then back to the head through the cam cover again. The solenoid is operated via the nistune ECU. It looks sketchy but it's working and not leaking so far. I'll give some pics for you if you're interested.
  8. I just noticed your post and I'm keen to see more of your setup and results so far as I was looking at the S252SX-E for my RB20 with VTC as well. Do you have any more pics of the mods done to the housing ? Did you change the spring in the gate to improve the spool ?
  9. You need to use only one wheel with an inducer of 62.6mm and an exducer of 83mm mated to a turbine with a 74mm inducer. Preferably in a twinscroll housing. I can't be more specific as I don't have all the details on these wheels but they seems to perform very well on RB26.
  10. Clean the idle valve at first. It's located at the rear of the intake manifold. Once cleaned you may need to set the idle again but it should solve your problem.
  11. They're pretty cheap too, I bought a set of 6 for 300€ delivered.
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