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  1. These symptoms could also be caused by any one of these: warped rotors, bad shock, bad bushes, an alignment issue, bad body mount, trans or axle mount or even too much play in the drive shaft or diff.. I know when it happen to me, it started only when driving but it took a while then it started to get worse when braking.. For me it was just warped rotors in the end..
  2. 2008 Nissan (V36) Skyline 370GT Type S Coupe.. Wheels: TSW Bathurst.. Tyres: Continental Extreme Contact DWS06.. Suspension: Stock.. Modifications: None.. Rubbing: None.. Front: 20x9 +30 (245/40/20).. Back: 20x10 +40 (265/35/20).. could fit 275/35..
  3. I have just recently got myself a V36 type S coupe and from what I've worked out, the speedo reads 7% higher than actual speed, so upping the tyre size a little wont make the speedo read incorrectly.. And from what I could find on here in the Skyline V36 coupe - Wheels offset fitment section, I came up with this sizing.. but some of the info is a little misleading and confusing as the sizing's often say lowered on coilovers and yet others don't mention anything at all about being on stock suspension.. (or maybe I'm just easily confused) lol.. So thinking I was being clever, I got some Nitto Invo tyres at 245/45/20 for the front and 275/40/20 for the back.. This however was an expensive mistake (over $3500.00), as they rub like mad, both front and back a lot more on the back, they're just way too big.. (my bad).. This being said it did make the speed and speedo read correctly.. lol But it also makes the car look terrible (think 4wd rock climber.. pic below).. Ohh and the wheels are TSW BATHURST, 20x9 et30 for the front and 20x10 et40 for the back.. But from what I see as far as where they were rubbing, I'm now looking at trying 245/40/20 265/35/20.. So I guess we'll see..
  4. taranaki gloria

    Meet Gloria

    Meet Gloria.. Nissan Gloria (Y34)
  5. VQ25DD NEO DI .. It hasn't any mods as yet, I've been looking to get it chipped but can't find anyone who does them for this engine/car.. I have had the exhaust changed to a Twin high flow exhaust system, which has made it 103kg lighter and added 32 BHP so now she's got a total of 242 BHP but that's all so far..
  6. taranaki gloria


    Sweet body kit man.. great looking beast..
  7. Cheers man.. Yeah the spoiler, either people like it or don't..
  8. Please could you send me the translations, as they are not available on filedropped anymore. Been searching for it for ages. Email is hollowseed@hotmail.com
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