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  1. Thanks guys, didn't know the 25det ecu wasn't compatible. Guess I better find a 20det computer. 😊
  2. Sorry edited up top. Yes it's stock, going to run a Nistune chip and get tuned.
  3. Trying to get more power out of my rb20det by using a Nistune chip. Currently running a 25det series 1 ecu. Iv purchased some gtr injectors and I'm wondering if I can get away without the ballast for the impedance since I'm not running a 20det computer, and can I upgrade to a 25det afm aswell? Cheers.
  4. hey mate im from new zealand and currently restoring one and im missing the door trims in some places, whats your price on that? contact me at [email protected] please, really need it!
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