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  1. Has anyone tried Achilles tyres? I have run a set of 123s and the newer atr K sport on my 33. The k sports seemed to hold up better than the 123s which were super sticky but just fell apart after a few track days. I've done 5 track days and a few thousand k's on the ksports which are now worn out. Overall I'm fairly happy with them for the price, I think they were about $1100 a set; 245 40 18 and 265 35 18 on the rear. Just wondering how they compare to the Nankang Ar1s and Nitto NT01? I'm particularly interested how they hold up on a heavier car as I will be getting a 33 GTR soon.
  2. Thanks vetter, but I was looking for a cheaper option.
  3. Wanted to buy moulded sub box as per the attached image. Prefer box suitable for 12" sub, but not that fussed if another size. It's a series 1 if that makes any difference. Located Adelaide SA, willing to pay postage if a reasonable rate from interstate.
  4. WTB R33 front strut brace WITH built in brake master cylinder stopper. Please PM me if you have one you want to sell.
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