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  1. Bump! $8000 no rego or roady if collected ASAP. Want this gone
  2. Starting to get some offers on the car. Some realistic and some straight up insulting. Remember that I am negotiable on the listed but that doesn't mean I'll take a high five and a sack of goon.
  3. PRICE DROP $9000!!!!! Moving interstate!
  4. Moving interstate and don't particularly want to drive this all the way down or leave it at my parents house to sit until it sells. Make me an offer! Although if someone from Melbourne wants it I can then drive it down in august when I move!
  5. BUMP! offer away people. Would love to swap for a cheap daily with some cash my way
  6. If someone were to buy my Stagea I would jump on this so quickly!
  7. You want this Stagea? Yes. You want. YOU BUY STAGEA!
  8. Price drop to $10000. Will include RWC and remaining rego!
  9. if you pay/organise postage indeed I am
  10. and bumping. Stagea is unfotunatelly going so need to get rid of these parts ASAP Bride $100 RS260 seats $100 Rs4s Passenger $40 This is getting ridiculous!!!!! also buy my stagea :| http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/444236-bne-1998-stagea-rs4s/?view=findpost&p=7307732
  11. BUMP!!! I'm actually pretty motivated guys. Send me offers. You may be surprised
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