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  1. Hey all good evening, Nice to see the site is still as clunky as ever on mobile 🙄 Been a couple years since posting so go easy. Finally put the RB (Neo) in my S15 and the bonnet doesn't shut, so have succumbed to going a forward facing inlet setup, even though I was sold on the TCS delete of the 33 S1 TB. So what's the go these days? Car will make 400kw and is a street/track orientated build. Is the RB26 adaption worth It? Or perhaps the new Pro Flow stuff that's been kicking around (Not keen on the 90mm throttle body though) Rips/Plazmaman/Greddy and Freddy etc or even Otosaku garage or whatever they are.... Chasing the best results for tuning/power delivery and of course longevity of the motor (unopened 48,000k) Where are we at these days with where people sit on the RB ffp debacle? Thanks and kind regards,
  2. Where are you located for pick up?
  3. Shibbby

    Surely someone has used a Lewis Engines sump before? They're very well priced as well compared to the rips stuff which is bs expensive Imo
  4. Shibbby

    I have a Nistuned GTT ecu that's already been tuned for Air filter/interfcooler/exhaust and 12psi for sale for $400 For example you're better off buying something like that and then getting your afr checked on a dyno or even a touch up tune. I really can't see any benefit in trying to chase a particular series ecu for little to no gains when you can have the car setup perfectly for its current time real world condition.
  5. Shibbby

    I have all these in Adelaide and all is in very very good condition due to minimal kilometers. PM me if interested and you can also search out my wrecking thread for info.
  6. If you don't mind me posting up Ryan I've got the triple gauges for the other member. Also have a mint front section that was cut off my car and ready to go on this if anyone wants to fix the rad support etc properly.
  7. Shibbby

    I personally can't stand the idea of going through all that machining and balancing as well and new bearings etc just to skimp on rods while it's all out anyway. But technically rods don't see the detonation stress as much as a piston would.
  8. Stock head gaskets are a great fail safe and I'm gonna say their might be hope for ya yet Whip the head of anyway and do another stock gasket and inspect the bores. Fairly easy and common mistake when doing engine conversions after a long last stretch getting it running etc with no instruments hooked up and being tired and excited. Hope it works out for your mate
  9. Raises a good point
  10. Rex Kelway. Mine will be ready this weekend and was a little under 900
  11. Also Interested in the clutch and how much is left in it.
  12. Received my billet ss3 for Hypergear a few weeks ago Can not wait to finish fitting it up to this 58,000k originally bone stock auto motor And run it it my daily driven and weekend tracked Silvia Will update again when the results are in, excited is an understatement I have big hopes for this package
  13. Where are you located ? You could have my stock throttle body and traction control unit for 50 + postage if not in Adelaide. Whole cars only done 50 thousand so it's all squeaky clean and working etc. Cheers, Brendan
  14. They posted on FB this morning saying site was down for maintenance.