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  1. Is this what people pull out and replace to control oil flow to head better. Sorry im on my phone. Let me know if that photo didnt come threw
  2. yeah i wasnt going to reuse my old ones, just wanted to learn how to measure them and read chart etc.
  3. yeah but does that mean it has that oil pump gear problem on the crank? i already knew it wasnt anything special lol
  4. and that chart i got from the r32 engine manual but its different from the chart ive found in the r32 full factory service manual...odd.
  5. and for future conversational sake for others and myself, here same chart but numbered.
  6. Hey SAU, Im not sure if you would classify this as general maintenance but i'm currently trying to use a micrometer and check the condition of the oem main bearings on my r32 rb26 and im completely mind f**ked by this chart lol. Heres the information from the 3 sources it asks for.. Bearing Housings No. Bore Grade No. No.1 3 2 No.2 3 2 No.3 3 2 No.4 2 2 No.5 2 2 No.6 2 2 No.7 1 Upper Journal Grade No. No.1-7 1212111 No.1-6 111101 and heres the chart itself from engine manual for r32
  7. Some more pictures of the headlights and a quick look of how they fit on the car. im not keeping them on until i get everything else as far as body goes..so they don't get scratched up etc.
  8. I started a little side project with my headlights. As some of you know, early model s14's headlights tend to yellow on the lens and fade and pretty much..look like shit. and its hard to get them to compete with the later model Kouki headlights with their aggressive look. So I saw some people from jap who retrofitted their headlights and decided to do that to my Headlights. TheRetrofitstore.com is local to me so i just drove up and got what i needed from them. They even threw in a spare projector shroud since there was cutting involved in installing them and they were aware of it. So i decided to go with the newer design Square shaped projectors instead of the widely used circle projectors so it would stand out more and to be honest Zenki headlights are pretty much bricks anyways so the square should flow more in my opinion. I would say it turned out great! Im in love with the transformation. Heres a before and after. and a better picture from far away of how old headlights looked before i did any modifications.
  9. Hey SAU, Sorry about not keeping up to date on my build thread, I've been super busy with College classes and working but don't let that think it stopped the build. Since my last update, I have pretty much fully built my rear end suspension and all of the bushings and diff etc. I got my subframe powder-coated a gunmetal grey as well as sprayed the underbody of my car with truck bed underliner i guess you could say...to protect it from rust etc. and pressed in SPL solid aluminum bushings into the subframe after torching out the old and worn out(pretty much shot) factory bushings. Also pressed in some Megan Solid aluminum diff mount bushings for the r33 vlsd & axles i swapped in. I went to JoAnns ( fabric store, idk if you guys have that in aus haha) and bought some black leather fabric to wrap my dash in to cover up cracks and scratches etc. for first timer, it didnt turn out too bad in my opinion. oh and that z in the background is mine, had to get something fun while im working on the project, I lowered it on stance coil overs. wanted to take it out and clean it up so i pulled it out and cleaned it and the Z after i put the dash in. so i drove the z for most of 2015 which is the time i haven't been on here. and then on my way back from a drift event a Silverado 2500 ran into the back of me when i was completely stopped and smashed me into the car infront of me, completely totalling the Z but, i got to keep most of my goodies from it such as the wheels, seats, and coilovers. so swapped most of that stuff in the project car. oh and now that i put that up there i forgot to tell the rest of the rear suspension setup! I decided to go with a full PoweredbyMax Suspension setup including their 25mm dropped rear knuckles that have dual z32 caliper mounts.( ill be running a hydro ebrake, which is also PoweredbyMax)
  10. well i dont have permission to post image,odd, but code is 025351A
  11. Does the engine code tell you if your crank suffers that oil pump failure ? let me see what my code is.
  12. what exactly has to be done to the valve stems? if they needed to be modified, i would think the valve keepers would need to be as well?
  13. all of that makes sense besides the safer on the engine, please elaborate for my poor knowledge of e85 good sir
  14. from what ive read, e85 eats at your cyl walls as well as lines ..and everything else i havent found out about it. lol. what makes you so keen to going to e85. Ive debated going to e85..
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