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  1. 4 x R32 GTR Wheels with original wheel caps - 16 x 8 + 30 offset, with 225s tyres (not rw) - wheels are straight, round and nearly mint (pretty rare to find a set like this) - 1 wheel has slight curb rash from one amateur-hour reverse park attempt, but easily fixable (see picture) - no impact damage or anything like that - not removed from a accident wreck - they have cheesey knock-off nismo valve caps, not suggesting they are genuine - won't split the set, so please don't ask - suit basically everything from r31 wagons through to r34 gtt with the right stud pattern $800, located in Underwood, QLD (can't ship these sorry - pick up only) Cusco Racing carbon fibre strut brace (front) - suit r32 GTST or similar - pretty light, sticker has some scratches but no damage to brace at all $100 - shipping possible, but prefer local pick up Alloy rear strut brace: - suit r32 gtst or similar - adjustable $50 - shipping possible, but prefer local pick up Michael PM or O437 649-O39 or noisyinstrument@gmail.com
  2. wouldn't that make it a toyota lexcen?
  3. springs and shockies sold, i also dropped the price on the injectors to $600. also have a MINES ecu for an r32 gtst, no pics as a mate is currently using it. i'll try dig one up.
  4. i made a bit over 200rwkw with a gcg turbo on my r32
  5. UPDATED: to include a pic of the springs and shock (fronts i think in that shot) no idea what the brand is sorry, they might be factory items. i really didn't think anyone would be interested in the shocks. they are covered in road dirt still, so there might be a label on them. they were working fine when i removed them as far as i know, but like i said i removed them to put in coilovers and threw them in the back of my garage. they look in decent condition though, bumpstops etc are fine. i should probably wipe them with a damp cloth or something, haha.
  6. Hey blokes, I have a set of 4 superlow king springs for sale $150 for the 4 also come with shocks attached but i don't know the condition of them. These came out of my car i removed them to fix Tein coilovers about 18 months ago. They had been in my car for 12 months or so and have been collecting dust for ages so i'm keen to get rid of them. No pics, sorry. They are yellow and spring like. SOLD I also have a set of 6 Nismo 555cc injectors to suit an rb20, rb26 or ca18. Bought these bit over 12 months ago brand new, but ended up fitting 650cc sards instead. Never been installed and still in original boxes. These have also been sitting around for ages in my cupboard so please take them. $600 firm for the set. I'm happy to post the injectors anywhere. PM me or post here if you are interested. Mines ECU for R32GTST No fuel cut, no speed cut and raised rev limit. Came out of my car when i fitted a PowerFC about 18 months ago. Looking for ~$300 for it.
  7. what the hell man? you offered the seats to me for $400
  8. nF

    'ahhh Memories'

    first video is broken heres another video from the gtr era start of first race of the 91 season they were seriously quick cars
  9. i've never seen anyone connect with anyone out there so i wouldn't worry about that, just need to be aware of who is around you thats all. hitting a wall is pretty unlikely unless you get really out of shape (or attempt to drift or sonething) that said you are pretty much guaranteed to go off the track if you drive like you should
  10. nF

    Panel/paint Repair

    how many things do you run into dave? also, did they lip your guards there?
  11. nF

    Custom Sway Bars

    for some reason i can't find extra heavy duty r32 gtst front sway bars on whiteline (somethnig >24mm) whats the story, cause they have extra heavy duty for r33s etc anyone know which ones are interchangible? (i know r32 gtr and r32 gtst rears are)
  12. haha last time that happened someone from sau pranked Col-GTSX and threatened to kill his dogs
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