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  1. From the Purple Circle forums: Just got told by Hanko bout a cruz 2nite Meet city west 9.00pm Leave 9.30pm That is all I know so if ya not doing anything come down... Pete
  2. do you have lips on the ends of your intercooler piping so the silicon doesn't keep slipping off? sometimes the silicone can get a bit greasy with oil and slip, so clean it and use bolt clamps not them crappy screwdriver ones.
  3. its a purple circle organised cruise. Meet Powis St carpark 8pm for 9pm depart.
  4. JzX90

    Cuise Friday

    yeh, its been going around, so don't know how it'll turn out, hopefully good.
  5. JzX90

    Cuise Friday

    friday 11th may 8.30 meet, 9.30 leavve city west. Don't ask me who, hope it turns out ok. More the better so get down there.
  6. Do only series II skylines come type m?? My mate has a 93-95 skyline and i think his one is a Type M... It's got red coloured brakes ( do they all come red?? ), sunroof, and also i think only the Type M comes with the skyline writing on the back boot which lights up??? Anyone can correct me or confirm this?
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