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  1. interested in the front brakes? $$$ calipers and rotors if the rotors are in good nick cheers mick
  2. wouldnt be interested in a 97 subaru forester limited would you ? non turbo candy red on 20s ?
  3. no roadside bust, pulled over and had to follow to there epa station set up?? your cars in ballarat... what is it ?
  4. no larger injectors.. and yeah bullshit no mods state vic!
  5. got pulled through for an epa... you all know the story blah blah i'll get to the point... got a microtech LT-12s as stated. it is a plug play item with microtech adaptor. now wat i am wonder is if i remove this(micro' and adaptor) and plug the factory ECU in providing all the factory stuff afm etc is connected. Will it be that simple i can do it my self then send to a shop to have afr's etc checked or should i have them do the whole thing ?
  6. swap my r33? i'll put up $$ if need be.... i like this ! PM me
  7. i want this bad.... but can only offer my 33 plus cash adjustment till it sells
  8. just wondering if anyone else has this problem? I have an R33 and my 2 front seats lean in to the center of the vehicle... this twists your body and have found to be givin me back pain... my point is i am wondering if anyone else has/had this problem and what they done to fix it? Am i just goin to have to look at some new front seats? cheers mick
  9. i'll take the plenum+tb if your willing to post to vic 3350... i'll pay postage....pm me
  10. sorry couldnt tell ya till i took the wheels off.. here is a pic of them on the car
  11. For sale i have the wheels off my R33 skyline.. as stated in title they are genuine work meister s2r wheels, 18 inch, 8 inch wide front and 9.5 inch wide rear. wrapped in 90% fronts and brand spanking rears(not even fitted on the rims yet) tyres are nexan 3000 tyres very soft compound sticky tyres(235*45F 255*35R) looking at $1500 with the tyres. will not sell with out. Yes they are in as used condition and do have a few marks. But they are a quality wheel and include tyres. so the price is firm Will have pictures ASAP contact me via pm cheers mick
  12. fantastic looking gts... cant beleive the effort in getting the rear quarters removed and gtr items re-stitched in amazing... good luck with sale should sell quick smart.... got a price?
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