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  1. Wanting to buy electric antenna to suit r33 gtr. Located in Melbourne Please reply or text 0408 376 563
  2. Hey mate, don't suppose you still have your antenna?
  3. what's the weight of the box.....any idea on cost of freight to melbourne - postcode 3810?
  4. Recieved items.....excellent product and was shocked at how quickly they arrived. Thanks heaps!
  5. Hi, was wondering if you could post antenna and motor to postcode 3810 in Vic.
  6. I've just recently replaced my exedy HD clutch with a brass button clutch with 6 buttons. I think the driveability of the brass button clutch is actually easier and smoother to drive with day to day around town than my old clutch. Both are very heavy on the left foot but u get used to it. I was told that the brass button wouldn't last as long as an organic but organic clutch heats up and begins to slip after a few launches. So far, button has been great. Bout $100 more. Can't tell u how long gonna last though....
  7. Got "XGTRX" plates for sale if interested!
  8. For the last couple of weeks, had a knocking noise whenever i've turned the steering wheel to the left, even if only 1/8 of a turn. Seems to be worse when going downhill and off throttle. Suspension and brakes appear ok, steering joints seem fine too and even swapped tyres to eliminate them as well. Fairly certain problem is with CV joints/driveshaft. Anybody had any experience with this?.... and anybody know of a good place to take and get the car fixed (assuming driveshaft problem?)
  9. Hi guys...work as a dentist in berwick. Seen a few skylines around the area, anyone from here??? ...and no, i don't do cheap backyard jobs (sorry)!
  10. Have to go for the N14 SSS! Girlfriend has one and i love driving it (when she's not around! ) So much easier to drive round town and uses less fuel than the GTR (don't get me wrong, i love my car more). She's got cat back exhaust, 17" rims and lowered. Looks awesome, goes well, number of people have asked to buy it...but she ain't selling it. I owned a 92 prelude before and it doesn't compare to the SSS!
  11. grrr....last time i got back to my car at knox, some little sh!ts were there with there grotty little hands all over it. :uzi: Trolley bays at Knox...wish people would freakin use them or maybe trolleys should be banned period!
  12. Also told Advanced Alloy Wheel Repairs is the place to go for that type of stuff. Haven't had wheels cleaned up but had one repaired there and they did a good job. Pretty big business, they do heaps of work for the public and for a heap of car dealers. Give em a call!
  13. The Burv is shitty and old but the damn bitumen along Burwood Hwy is shitty and new! Don't know if anybody else has noticed it but parts of the new surface they've laid down as part of the tram works has already been torn up and there are heaps of areas where the road is bumpy, uneven and killing my tyres and susp (not to mention all the stones and rocks that are flicked up from ppls tyres). If they can't do something properly, then why bother Anyway, the middle and right lanes (inbound and outbound) seem to be better from Kmart Burwood all the way down to the Knox rubbish depot. Go the Burv!!!
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