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  2. MaTBoY

    Looking for a Sydney Droney who is available this saturday (12-11-16) and confident they can track a car at normal speeds. Would love to keep the love in the club. PM ME.
  3. MaTBoY

    Im writing up a feature in brads right now:)
  4. MaTBoY

    this is a great idea! i love it!
  5. MaTBoY

    trailer/crawl to unigroup. it's only half hour away.
  6. MaTBoY

    it's a shame your not based in syd. the car would make an awesome feature.
  7. MaTBoY

    Your car is absolute pig MATY31! I love it!
  8. MaTBoY

  9. MaTBoY

    Nice nice! Any mor from CHile adventure?
  10. MaTBoY

    Yep. I hear you might be selling an R32?
  11. MaTBoY

    LAME! I wrote the car off a couple weeks ago. This is the last proper shot I took of her. I didn't realise how lucky I was to take so many pictures of it. Now that it's gone.. it's gone. Super Moooooon
  12. MaTBoY

    No one checks in anymore? Nice bird!
  13. MaTBoY

    Let's revive this place! Josh's Toyota 86. by Mr Matboy, on Flickr