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  1. http://www.speedhunters.com/2016/12/creating-godzilla/
  2. MaTBoY

    Drone Pics

    Looking for a Sydney Droney who is available this saturday (12-11-16) and confident they can track a car at normal speeds. Would love to keep the love in the club. PM ME.
  3. Im writing up a feature in brads right now:)
  4. this is a great idea! i love it!
  5. trailer/crawl to unigroup. it's only half hour away.
  6. it's a shame your not based in syd. the car would make an awesome feature.
  7. Your car is absolute pig MATY31! I love it!
  8. Nice nice! Any mor from CHile adventure?
  9. Yep. I hear you might be selling an R32?
  10. LAME! I wrote the car off a couple weeks ago. This is the last proper shot I took of her. I didn't realise how lucky I was to take so many pictures of it. Now that it's gone.. it's gone. Super Moooooon
  11. No one checks in anymore? Nice bird!
  12. Let's revive this place! Josh's Toyota 86. by Mr Matboy, on Flickr
  13. Yo! This might be useful for you guys who attend, or plan on attending more motorsport and car events I've put together a list of the Top 10 things that I wish someone told me when I first picked up a camera and headed track side. A lot of whats in there is common sense, but a lot of it so simple it gets overlooked until it's pointed out or you accidently stumble upon the realization! http://speednation.com.au/10-tips-for-better-motorsport-photos/ If you've got any feedback on the article I'd be happy to hear it (good or bad) I haven't written for a while and I was pretty dusty when I put it together. Anyway, ENJOY! I hope it helps you
  14. lol at the irony of the valvoline car pouring out oil in smoke form haha
  15. Your all a bunch of tools! Last week I did my first real model shoot. The model is wearing a body paint Harley vest to suit the bike. Feel free to chip in with any CC on the following shots.
  16. WOW NISZILA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing scenery! Well shot too! Panoking. it's been a while since I've posted, just been busy with life. Married, renovations, magazine work, real work, building a new biz (Speed Nation) and what ever else was happening. Anyway I had coffee with Terry yesterday and we were talking about this place. I thought I should MAKE time. Anyway, here's a few shots from me. Took this of my car a couple weekends ago... I need to shoot a rear angle of it with the black wheels now. I went out for a cruise on friday night with some mates and today my mrs hits the half way mark I've been preparing a bunch of images for my website, I'll have plenty to share over the next few weeks
  17. those travel shots are epic man! Love shot 2!!! Really well done. Took some shots of the mrs over the weekend.
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