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  1. Hi How is this installed? i see a plug where does it plug into? Where are you located? Thanks!
  2. They work very well.. seriously plug and play... Improvement also is noticeable immediately.. great product..
  3. deongster

    Absolutely awesome!!
  4. deongster

    Hahah. Motul RBF600 is less than $35 RBF660 is less than $40 Penrite RBF600 is about $35 to $40
  5. deongster

    To completely bleed the system and have extra. Just in case. You prob get 3 bottles. Just. In. Case.
  6. deongster

    That would work too!
  7. deongster

    They stop on a dime. Even with spongy brakes! Needs another round of bleeding. But we wanted to run it first. And then rebleed. Worth it. 100%
  8. deongster

  9. deongster

    I’m on Endless on the front. I’ll be getting R33 rear Brembo set next.
  10. deongster

    Hahah yeah. I got mine too. Installing tomorrow. Haha Evo Brembos with 350mm x 32mm disc. Lines and bracket from Alpha Omega.
  11. deongster

    Have no idea mate - spoken to him before very nice guy and willing to share - he did say it took a lot of work to make them fit - but he and a couple of friends run the same set up and they track the car all the time - time attacks and all - so i don't think it scrubs - scrubbing no good on the track... They did it proper... He is running - 18 x 11 +18 -> if i recall correctly with 295/30/18 A050's
  12. deongster

    Oh yes they do! Follow that guy. He is running 295 square! Lol
  13. deongster

    295 mate! 295! haha