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  1. Thanks guys. I am very very lucky and blessed I have good mates. He came from St Ives with his GF to tow me back with his XR6T. So it wasn’t as painful. Haha the damage was painful. Lol
  2. So let me bring everyone up to speed - i took the leap and got a Midori Seibi Red G Sensor - the more aggressive one It was very easy to replace for the 32 GTR - direct remove old G Sensor - It comes complete with Brackets for a remove old and plug & play new. I installed it and went for a Bathurst Supersprint the same weekend - i had issues with my Clutch throw out bearing but i thought it would survive the race - arrived there and did 2 runs down the hill into the chase to end on the straight - finished 21 / 70 cars that day with 2 runs in. What i noticed :- Car felt slower coming out - though the times speak differently - its more composed and coming out of bends the car felt flatter You will notice the Torque sensor moving slightly and in less gains - compared to the on and off from the old g sensors i destroyed my throw out bearing so i had to tow the car back (pic for reference) lol did a good one. Lost motivation after this - so i left the car for a couple of months and said - hey lets do it again - Got an ATS twin plate carbon clutch and a new ATS rear diff - got it installed Headed to Wakie in August - it was a long hiatus My last session at Wakie was 1:13 dry - then it started raining - last year. The car didnt feel as composed and the tail kept on trying to come out - at the fish hook - so throttle control with the old G sensor was very very sensitive This August with the new G Sensor - i finished the day with 1:09 before the brakes decided its time for new pads - so that was the quickest i could do with Z222 Hankook RS3 275/35/18 - UHP street tires - with 4 degree weather. What i noticed : The car still felt slow coming out of bends - felt flatter that i felt previously at Bathurst and not so twitchy - and i noticed this time is due to the fronts coming in earlier at a more gradual rate (torque meter movement - slow and steady) - making the car feel slow but the fronts are actually pulling you while the rear do the work i can keep the car with its tail just at an angle - while putting on the power much earlier and just pointing the front where i need it to be - inducing a nice slide out of Fish hook saving lots of time On the brakes - the car feels flat - not twitchy Overall i rate them - for being a pure plug and play without any adjustments - it improved the characteristics of the old girl quite dramatically - i personally think - with a bit more control using this G sensor - would make it even more amazing (getting a Ruzic / torque controller mated to this G sensor) So in my opinion - if anyone wants to go more and prob better - i think the DTMII looks like an amazing choice - or an ETS Pro which i think would be ultimate upgrade. Either way - if you want a fuss free - no wiring - plug and play = improvement - i do say the Midori Seibi - is great upgrade for the older G sensors of the 32 GTR. It sends its reading a lot quicker and it makes the ol girl so much more lively. Hope this helps anyone thinking of a G sensor - i have a friend who purchased the latest Tarzan G Box - when his car is out - i will write another review here on it.
  3. Hi How is this installed? i see a plug where does it plug into? Where are you located? Thanks!
  4. They work very well.. seriously plug and play... Improvement also is noticeable immediately.. great product..
  5. Hahah. Motul RBF600 is less than $35 RBF660 is less than $40 Penrite RBF600 is about $35 to $40
  6. To completely bleed the system and have extra. Just in case. You prob get 3 bottles. Just. In. Case.
  7. They stop on a dime. Even with spongy brakes! Needs another round of bleeding. But we wanted to run it first. And then rebleed. Worth it. 100%
  8. I’m on Endless on the front. I’ll be getting R33 rear Brembo set next.
  9. Hahah yeah. I got mine too. Installing tomorrow. Haha Evo Brembos with 350mm x 32mm disc. Lines and bracket from Alpha Omega.
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