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  1. Absolutely awesome!!
  2. Hahah. Motul RBF600 is less than $35 RBF660 is less than $40 Penrite RBF600 is about $35 to $40
  3. To completely bleed the system and have extra. Just in case. You prob get 3 bottles. Just. In. Case.
  4. That would work too!
  5. They stop on a dime. Even with spongy brakes! Needs another round of bleeding. But we wanted to run it first. And then rebleed. Worth it. 100%
  6. Installed!
  7. I’m on Endless on the front. I’ll be getting R33 rear Brembo set next.
  8. Hahah yeah. I got mine too. Installing tomorrow. Haha Evo Brembos with 350mm x 32mm disc. Lines and bracket from Alpha Omega.
  9. Have no idea mate - spoken to him before very nice guy and willing to share - he did say it took a lot of work to make them fit - but he and a couple of friends run the same set up and they track the car all the time - time attacks and all - so i don't think it scrubs - scrubbing no good on the track... They did it proper... He is running - 18 x 11 +18 -> if i recall correctly with 295/30/18 A050's
  10. Oh yes they do! Follow that guy. He is running 295 square! Lol
  11. Im now on 275/35/18 Hankook RS3 with 18 x 10 +15 No rubs... lol And checked - rear guards rolled - front guards not rolled - but the plastic lining trimmed..
  12. I'm planning to go RDA. 2 sets of RDA to a set of DBA almost.
  13. anybody has the link to purchase - DTMII