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  1. I'm planning to go RDA. 2 sets of RDA to a set of DBA almost.
  2. anybody has the link to purchase - DTMII
  3. Let us know the results.... i was very keen on them too...
  4. Will work with rears. Need to get the bigger master cylinder. For it to work better. If you can get the rears as well. Then you can run 350mm front and rear.
  5. I run a set of stock R32 GTR brakes at the moment with RBF600 braided lines and some 800 degree pads. They are ok. But in order to chase for quicker times. I am starting to find them wanting. Have decided to go with the Alpha Omega 350mm Evo brake upgrade. Heard great things about them.
  6. nsw/act 

    Got it mate. But I'm at Gold Coast for the week. Will send it once i am back. Sorry for the delay.
  7. nsw/act 

    Hey mate I have 3 more L size if you are keen
  8. nsw/act 

    Cheers mate!
  9. Hahha cheers mate. It was fun! Definitely! Hahah
  10. nsw/act 

    Can PM ME addresses please
  11. What are fuel neck restrictors? I wonder if my car was leaking fuel. Haha
  12. nsw/act 

    Hellowwww peopleeeee!! I received the Tee's YESTERDAY at 5pm! OMG damn DHL just could not do a day earlier!! Ill start arranging shipping for them - and send them out this week - i will let you all know once i have shipped it out..
  13. nsw/act 

    Will inform everyone once it arrives. [emoji16]
  14. nsw/act 

    Hey all, Won't be taking any more orders on these. Sorry for the delay as well - because I only got about 11 paid orders. The priority on them not so high. And they just taking their time to make and ship. It should arrive early next week. And I will ship them out once I receive them. Sorry for the delay again.
  15. Cuore Sportivo Alfa Romeo.. I grew up with Alfa romeos - always have and always will love it... its in my blood... This would be my next car if i can afford it...