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  1. Hiya, Do you have these parts? - Hand brake lever (if decent condition) - Driver's seat belt - Gearshift boot - Blend door actuator (aircon vent thingo) - Driver's side door lock Maybe rear bumper? Thanks!
  2. Hey got the Series 3 lip - looks to be only a touch above 11cm all the way around. So if anyone else is wondering the series 3 lip isn't ridiculously low. Probably about the same as the nismo fibreglass one originally (before it started splitting).
  3. Yeh its for a R33 GTR. I guess I will stick with the slimline front & standard rear. My current number plate rear had been ground down on the edges to fit.
  4. Hi, I was about to purchase personalized plates. I wanted to know if you guys think its better slimline front & regular rear or both slimline. I realize the rear plate will need some modification to fit regardless. Thanks, Pen
  5. Yeh but more worried about fitting to my series 1 Vspec and reducing the current road clearance. My current front lip is about 130mm and gives me about 130mm clearance.
  6. Wow that's a lot. I read here that it was only 20mm. But as I have an after market lip so I am unsure of the actual height.
  7. Hi, I have an R33 GTR series one and was purchasing the original front lip. I like the look of both but was wondering what the height difference between the Series 1 & 3 are (ie how much more scraping will I be doing). Forgot to add, current lip is a 400r looking fibreglass job but it's pretty worn. Looks to be about 13cm high.
  8. Thanks for the help guys. I can get this braided oil & water kit for $143.10 here would that be equivalent to the supertec braided kit? I was looking at just buying another set of turbos Here . Rebuilding was going to cost only a little less. I should also buy the turbo gasket kit too here . Anything else to add to the shopping list?
  9. Where did you get the turbos rebuilt? FOr a cheaper option, I was looking at just replacing a single turbo from my HKS GT-SS set with the equivalent Garrett - GT2859R. I can get a GT2859R from GCG for $1400 new ( https://gcg.com.au/petrol-performance/performance-4/turbochargers-garrett-t-gt-series/garrett-gt2859r-turbocharger-aka-gtr-9-s-detail ) and use my HKS actuator. That would be keeping the other turbo (provided it is in good condition). So hopefully saving on some labour as well by just replacing the damaged turbo. Do you think I should just replace both - it would be $2500 for a new 2xGt2859r kit? I could go second hand to probably save a little.
  10. Hi, It sounds like one of my HKS GT-SS turbos is failing ( getting the low siren noise when accelerating ). They would not have many K's on them and was considering just buying a single replacement turbo . They don't appear to make GT-SS turbos themselves anymore so I would have to get the Garrett GT2859R's. I don't really want to upgrade turbos at this stage as I'd be up for another $2500 for a tune alone. A single turbo is $1400 vs a new kit at about $2,500 for the Garrett GT2859R kit. What do you guys think? I think it would be best just to replace the single with a GT2859R. Thanks, Pen
  11. R - means the poles are reversed ( so just look at which way your current battery is ). T1 - T1 indicates the smaller Japanese style poles T2 - T2 indicates the larger regular style poles. ( look at the battery ) You can actually see in the pics.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know the screw size of the positive terminal under the bonnet ( under fuse box ) in a R33 is? I want to use a CTEK M5S comfort connect but I think its bigger than the M6 eyelets they give you. Cheers, Pen
  13. If you still have the window switch ill take if?
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