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  1. That's a great price, you will have worries selling them. If only you were located in Brisbane. thanks for you response Mat. Cheers Graham.
  2. I'm not really after rubbers, just the rims, but may as well see what you're after for them?
  3. Bump Still looking for a pair or full set of OEM R32GTR wheels
  4. I'm still looking for a pair of GTR rims in good condition, I'll also consider your full sets depending on damage, I dont need any tyres sorry.
  5. bump still looking to buy stock r32 gtr wheels any condition considered...
  6. ...do you know by any chance where said valve might be located?
  7. Ok, that makes sense, thanks Ben.
  8. Hello friends, as my R32gtst is getting older it is having trouble with it's wee wee. The poor old thing is dribbling from the rear windscreen washer as she comes on boost.... While not a major issue it is starting to become annoying to refill the reservoir weekly, it usually runs out when I need it the most. Does anyone have an idea what could have broken? I understand there is a check-valve somewhere in the plumbing between the washer pump and the nozzle, but can not understand how this could be the problem as it would only stop the fluid from running back into the reservoir...? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Between $500 and 1500 depending on condition
  10. Bump, still looking for two decent condition stock R32 GTR wheels.
  11. Bump, still looking for two wheels in good original condition.
  12. Hmmm the joys of predictive txt. I just finished reading an article by John Bowe on the GTS-R, he states they reved to 8K so must have been hydraulic.
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