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  1. Hello friends, as my R32gtst is getting older it is having trouble with it's wee wee. The poor old thing is dribbling from the rear windscreen washer as she comes on boost....

    While not a major issue it is starting to become  annoying to refill the reservoir weekly, it usually runs out when I need it the most. Does anyone have an idea what could have broken? I understand there is a check-valve somewhere in the plumbing between the washer pump and the nozzle, but can not understand how this could be the problem as it would only stop the fluid from running back into the reservoir...?


    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. On 7/24/2019 at 3:06 PM, djr81 said:

    Yes. It was used in the R31 GTS-R.  

    Won at Winton in 1989, Amaroo and Winton again in 1990.

    Won the Sandown 500 in 1989.

    Won a championship for Jim RIchards in 1990 along with the R32.

    Be proud of your RB20. No RB25 ever won a Group A race.

    Ouch for the boat owners,  do you know if those racing RB20s had solid or hydrophilic lifters? I would love to be able to rev my RB20 out to 10K

  3. 57 minutes ago, 7amooda.007 said:

    Just bought me a r34 gtt, owner uses Fuchs 20w50 dino here (whaaat) however, pressure and temps are all fine, never exceeds 110c picture is attached.

    So might change to 15w50 fully synthetic or whatever synthetic, whats the thought?

    Location: Deserts of the Middle East
    Around 350-400hpIMG-20190629-WA0017.jpg

    OMG fuchs just bought out NULON AUSSIES  should only buy Penrite...pass it on   f*kc the germans!!!!!!!!!!!11

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