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  1. breaker1845

    Water pump is not n1 to separate any confusion. Any reasonable offers considered on this stuff as it's just taking space in the garage.
  2. breaker1845

    Bump. Open to offers on the items listed. I also have a factory R33 gtr long nose crankshaft for sale. Came out of a working motor so its in good condition. Will post up some photos in the next few days.
  3. breaker1845

    Just making an edit. Item 11 is a HKS Exhaust Manifold GASKET for twin turbos (two piece 3 hole gasket) not just the manifold. Apologies for any confusion. Price is still $50
  4. breaker1845

    More Parts added to the list. FC-Datalogit has sold. 2. Power FC L Jetro (RB26 model), ECU only - $400 3. TurboSmart E-boost street with solenoid - $300 4. Oil catch can - $100 5. Front pipe - $150 6. OEM Coilpacks (2 sets) - $100 each, all working and in good condition, removed due to upgrades 7. OEM Fuel rail, regulator and injectors (x2) - $250 each, all working and in good condition, removed due to upgrades 8. R33 gtr OEM turbos (x2) - some shaft play and removed in good condition, kms unknown - $100 a set 9. RB26 OEM Oil Pump - removed due to putting in a tomei - $50 10. RB26 OEM Water Pump - not that old but removed and put a new one in when doing rebuild - $50 11. HKS Exhaust Manifold for twin turbos (brand new was a spare) - $50 12. R33 OEM Cam gears - $50 13. R33 OEM Cam shafts - $50 14. OEM Nissan Head gasket (brand new) - $150
  5. Selling a bunch of r33 gtr parts that come off the car due to upgrades or spares that are no longer needed. Prices do NOT include postage, that can be arranged at your expense if required. Local pickup is Townsville, North Queensland. I can get photos if the ones provided are not sufficient enough. This will be updated as I gather the remaining photos/parts to advertise. Will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible with a response. 1. FC-Datalogit for Power FC ECU - $300 firm; These are AUD $400+ brand new, has been used twice when I had a power fc to tune and log some issues. Comes with everything from when purchased new. 2. Power FC L Jetro + Handcontroller + Boost solenoid - $600 firm; Has a mild tune on it currently, was recently removed to upgrade to a Link G4. Not sure on it's flexibility if to be used with other cars (other than r33 gtr), model number in the photo below.
  6. breaker1845

    So if you have an existing policy with an agreed value has anyone been able to keep theirs/renew since these recent events? Or even been able to up the agreed value (due to more mods) and remain with NRMA VVC? Interested to know as I have a policy which will come up for renewal next year but in the mean time I wanted to increase my agreed value. Keen to hear thoughts or feedback from people who have renewed or increased agreed value so far since the ban on insuring Skylines.
  7. breaker1845

    With the above comments. What's the reason behind pulling it out? Is the oil pump actually stuffed or you considering doing the oil pump mod with the short nose crank in the r32 block? You can get away with it fairly cheap if you are only intending to run the stock turbos. However you could get a 2nd set of steel internals probably cheap for reliability. The stock ones are pretty garabage and become a hazard anyway running on 13 psi so I would consider checking those at least for shaft play if they come off.
  8. breaker1845

    Starts off with doing some clean up in the engine bay to stripping it down and fitting a big turbo haha.
  9. Some nice porn for a Friday night.
  10. Sent a pm mate. Edit: Tried to send pm but it failed. Interested in r32 ecu if still available and how much for it? Cheers.
  11. breaker1845

    Twenty bucks says its a weak earth to your fuel pump. Fix that problem and it'll crank everytime if your battery/starter is good.
  12. breaker1845

    I bought all the parts I needed from "Amayama". You can search by entering a part number and it will come up with stock availability and prices.