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  1. Hi, I have also received my members pack etc, thanks, but still don't have access to the private events section? Can I get added? Cheers Liam
  2. Someone over at aus300zx just had his 89' club rego'd and the rules seem to be for imports it's only the year of manufacture that counts as they have no way of confirming the build date. Therefore come Jan 1 of your year you can get in
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I've had the z for 6 and half years now after owning such mighty performance brands as Hyundai and Daewoo Body kit is a bit of mix and match that I feel works well. No plans to change the exterior from now as I'm very happy with the appearance. Hard to tell it's 25 years old. Only exception maybe some new wheels in a similar style as the current one aren't in great condition once you get up close. Spent too much on mods already but the end is coming, well until I come up with the next plan which always seems to happen. No car is ever "finished".
  4. Hey all, I come from over at aus300zx.com. As my zed is an 89' I've been looking around a few clubs that can do a club membership. Here looks like the place to be with so will be paying up and getting myself to events to meet the vic crew as I'm always up for a cruise etc. Hope the 300 will be welcome to tag along. Cheers Liam Heres a few pics.
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