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  1. No need for Samsonas, Brett has poor man's Samsonas so I reckon he's right for gearbox selection.
  2. Just add heaps of nitrous. Before you do that, make sure your ring gaps are good first.
  3. At least you can drive anywhere you want to get groceries in regional Victoria, sure, why not get some sort of decent gears for your GTR. Just get your kids an inflatable pool. If you still don't feel $20k gearbox is worth it, just think of Melbourians... remember we're stuck within 5km radius of our homes.
  4. Someone should do DQ250/381/500 conversion bellhousing for RB's. I feel it'll go well with AK47/crackle maps.
  5. 12 thin clutches and two thick clutches or I'm all wrong with that part?
  6. Inb4 Brett decides to get himself a swimming pool. Inflatable swimming pool that it is.
  7. A pool with treasure underneath, should keep kids occupied for hours.
  8. There's a lake (or is it glorified pond?) in Shepparton, tell kids to swim there, by having a sequential, you'll drop the kids in a jiffy.
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