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  1. Count Grantleyish

    You chose Cobb for its e-fame? If you do, it’s understandable.
  2. Count Grantleyish

    Considered other tune files like Ecutek or something?
  3. Not here in ‘straya yet?
  4. Still, tis fancy as. 162, am I right in guessing it has golf gti engine with haldex?
  5. What model Tiguan did you get? And I wonder why I still keep my GTR when my Golf R is doing what I want it to do.
  6. Will be first one entering with stereo system installed.
  7. Count Grantleyish

    That will happen. Because this thread hasn’t been renamed to 88e thread [emoji14]
  8. Count Grantleyish

    The roads are already dirty. Add them to your mod list anyway.
  9. Count Grantleyish

    Matching colours?! Do it Leigh!
  10. Count Grantleyish

    Wow, that's fair bit of a drive hey?
  11. Count Grantleyish

    Na, no time for deadlift, too busy having a social life these days.