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  1. Get RS3 They will make better racket guaranteed.
  2. Yeah, so crazy to think about it. Should get off my lazy arse and start buying coilovers as the one i've got is shot and chuck new bushes all over including subframe (have everything bar ball joints but don't think i'll need these for time being) then start driving it. Sold the Golf (definitely regretted selling) with 220k or thereabouts kms, bought it at 114k.
  3. lol I have thought about moving on my GTR so many times it isn't funny, but the first question is always "what am I gonna replace it with?" also my depth perception has thrown off two times i've been in the GTR since I'd moved on Golf R for a TDI Touareg. And when I do take it for a quick spin, the amount of necks breaking from the pedestrians is mind blogging and amusing, especially in an area full of ratty old Falcons and Commodores.
  4. No need for Samsonas, Brett has poor man's Samsonas so I reckon he's right for gearbox selection.
  5. Just add heaps of nitrous. Before you do that, make sure your ring gaps are good first.
  6. At least you can drive anywhere you want to get groceries in regional Victoria, sure, why not get some sort of decent gears for your GTR. Just get your kids an inflatable pool. If you still don't feel $20k gearbox is worth it, just think of Melbourians... remember we're stuck within 5km radius of our homes.
  7. Someone should do DQ250/381/500 conversion bellhousing for RB's. I feel it'll go well with AK47/crackle maps.
  8. 12 thin clutches and two thick clutches or I'm all wrong with that part?
  9. Inb4 Brett decides to get himself a swimming pool. Inflatable swimming pool that it is.
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