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  1. Yep he is.
  2. If it's tuned correctly, they're fine. You've been there with 33R with questionable service history or lack of.
  3. Ah yeah, rexmas is awesome, went once and enjoyed it. I've read loads of things about Tampered and their methods, with million of cars on track, your brakes will bed in no time that's for sure!
  4. You going to Rexmas trackday on Sunday as well or is it different trackday?
  5. Just mod it already, no need for warranty in one of these subies. They're pretty reliable.
  6. Will you be providing your personal customer experience service?
  7. Good good, we all need specific records.
  8. Trams only work if they're on separate "road" otherwise you NSW folks will be reduced to panic when you're forced to do hook turns
  9. He also have a GTR and wants it stock looking-ish hence two of them. Plus saying he needs two of them big ones is cooler cos he can also say "and I need it by tonight Harry"
  10. Inb4 not JDM enough for him.
  11. I'm sure your garden variety dash 9's will do that. But I predict it'll die off 5.5-6k rpm with 3L thou.
  12. You mean two of them.
  13. It works fine with the app. Because I’ve got iPhone, buy one just for photo uploading.
  14. I assume it is because according to Leg Ham with Cheese man over there that Orange is full of cooked folks.