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  1. Dear rajab, that's very sexual. Might have to add NSFW on thread title.
  2. Happy 10 years.
  3. Waste of time when there's decent single turbos available on market. And why make things complicated when you can KISS?
  4. And don't let your dad fill it up let alone drive it ever again.
  5. Had both. 34 are better cos two cup holders, they're handy as - that being said I'm an idiot for giving it up for 33 gtr. Cup holders aside, neo motor is pretty good little motor - people reckon neo head flow more than rb26 head. And VCT too. Both are magical to drive and I'm sure they're still magical to drive nowadays - damn I want another one.
  6. That's right.
  7. Yep, they do. They can swallow 18x10.5 +15 easily at fairly low height.
  8. You talking about 32 owners?
  9. Oh boy, Liam is pretty upset. *pats head* there, there.
  10. No more international flights?
  11. Maybe he wants Stage 1.73?
  12. Don't have to get APR stuff, more people rate GIAC than APR these days from what I've been looking at Golf forums. There's a mob in Melbourne that everyone raves about - its called Underground Performance, they have a workshop with a dyno.
  13. Oh nice. Do dump pipe, take rain guard out of airbox and go stage 2.
  14. Ah, you got rid of Fiesta for something with more space or just a change?
  15. Noice. What year is it? And no more Fiesta?