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  1. Need more Pettit in his Commo out and about defecting all the cars. Just sayin.
  2. What did you do to get that kind of letter?
  3. Unless someone need ute parts for Deni.
  4. Hoon!
  5. All these pension naps must have done wonders hey?
  6. Motive DVD thing yeah? If so, search YouTube.
  7. Go single if legalities are lax over there in Texas. IMO GT3582r is good compromise between power and response. I'm sure with Borg Warner EFR would be wicked. As for injectors go 1000cc, gives you some head room when you want more power.
  8. Road trip brah. You have a taxi, it'll do it easily.
  9. After a epic test drive in Berlin?
  10. That's alright, back to Tinder I go.
  11. Leigh, still waiting on your answer.
  12. Let's all buy a Megane RS instead.
  13. When are you entering Powercruise?
  14. vic 

    Bump and a little inspiration for y'all. And of course, prices are negotiable [emoji846]
  15. Ah, didn't see the HKS boost control. Assumed you ran with MAC valve, my bad. EVC 4/5 yeah?