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  1. Oh.
  2. Content not available. Try again moite.
  3. It is a bit here.
  4. Aye.
  5. That's true. Just like all car yards in Parramatta Rd after investigation from RMS
  6. If there aren't any sounds that are bad, crisis averted? Worst case, if they're fubar, grab new pairs/set.
  7. No idea, only went there as it was a local to me at the time.
  8. Nice balancing job Leg Ham with cheese.
  9. So If I'm in trouble, I know who I'll point fingers at
  10. Didn't wane names but you're on the money.
  11. From memory yeah.
  12. What Bilsteins do you have? PSSx or B46?
  13. Short of sending them to Heasmans, there's a mob in thommo that I wouldn't recommend that was a Bilstien dealer back then and he tried to tell me BC coilovers are "great" - truth is they're garbage especially roads up in Norfies. So yeah, Heasmans or Fulcrum (dunno if they're still selling Bilsteins now, I asked them earlier this year and they do).
  14. Quadrant in Berwick, they're Bilstein dealer IIRC. Which reminds me, I should ask them if they have softer springs for my PSS9, worse case, Heasmans.
  15. What suspension/shock?