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  1. vic 

    Bump and a little inspiration for y'all. And of course, prices are negotiable [emoji846]
  2. Ah, didn't see the HKS boost control. Assumed you ran with MAC valve, my bad. EVC 4/5 yeah?
  3. One question, What do you control the boost with? Stock solenoid or MAC valve? I'm liking the resistor delete mod.
  4. Give me NSW's 10% tolerance over here with 2km/h any day.
  5. Last speed camera fine I got was 2km/h. That was maybe 2 years ago or was it 3?
  6. Why would you want to listen to tunes when you've got Nissan's finest motor out front
  7. That's true. Although it's 2km/h thing now.
  8. Is it because there is lack of roundabouts for you to test the handling in Fiesta?
  9. So, did you beat the Ferrari Bill?
  10. Only that I don't agree with prices of property in "regional cities" based on what I've seen over the internets. But I shouldn't really look at properties while I can't afford to service the loans, gotta finish that course and get some tickets before I can do "adult" stuff haha.
  11. Looks like I'd better off living in sticks
  12. Inb4 my super is fug all for the deposit. [emoji14]
  13. Just get two big ones by tonight Harry.
  14. We're still waiting on that trifecta story Liam.