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  1. Dumb q coming from me, how quiet is it compared to say HKS silent Hi-power?
  2. Yeah, I know I won't weld that good if I attempt to do such work haha.
  3. I've suddenly feel the need to fabricate new exhaust.
  4. What Birds said. Went there today to have busted mid muffler replaced and they did it for reasonable price and quick turnaround.
  5. You should take a crack at drive it daily for a week or 2* *assuming you commute to work in a car
  6. Impressive result, that’s on 98 - didn’t get to read back pages. Will find time to read back for turbos details and whatnot.
  7. Fancy ring, fair enough. Who teaches pre-wedding course? And do they hold TAE40116 Training and Assessment qualification? Good stuff like saying "try not to get divorced"?
  8. The hell is pre-wedding course? And $735 for men's wedding band? Gold prices gone up or what?
  9. Chuck HICAS computer. But drive it first and see if you can cope with the steering, which may take a while seeing you still got to find the motor mount bracket.
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