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  1. Count Grantleyish

    Yah, still surprised this thread hasn't been renamed to 88e.
  2. Count Grantleyish

    Noice Momo
  3. Count Grantleyish

    Get all the animals and call yourself old MacDonald.
  4. What he said, it’ll look amazing.
  5. Count Grantleyish

    That’s true. Alternatively, grab your gym buddies to act as security guards.
  6. Count Grantleyish

    The latter.
  7. Count Grantleyish

    Birds, that’s only if yours are running and driven
  8. Count Grantleyish

    So, buy something an car enthusiast want to drive, not what the general public wants. The only way you’ll get reliable car regardless of brand.
  9. Count Grantleyish

    I’ve no real horror stories regarding modernish euros. My Golf is nearly 170k kms and hasn’t missed an beat, I got to say I’m impressed given the reputation these things have in the past. And considering I bought it out of warranty...
  10. Count Grantleyish

    Fiesta Ecoboost? Polo GTI? 33 GTST if you’ve got private car park away from prying eyes at work?
  11. Count Grantleyish

    Because turbos are fun.
  12. Count Grantleyish

    Megane RS is decent little whip. Perfect if you want to stand out.
  13. Count Grantleyish

    Yep, spend your bonus on Golf R
  14. Count Grantleyish

    Add 5-7 large and get a 86.
  15. Count Grantleyish

    Fun and rwd under 10 large that isn’t a thief bait is nonexistent. Get Golf GTi