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  1. Hiya folks. Up for sale is a set of Bilstein PSS9, done about 8,000km. In good nick, bit dusty in pics as my GTR has been a dust magnet for best part of the year. Shock bodies has been anodised in black. Spring rates are believed to be 9kg front 10kg rear as I can't for the life of me remember what it is, I'm basing it on numbers off the springs. Asking $1,200. Postage is extra. Location, SE Suburbs Melbourne. Contact via PM.
  2. I bet it's even sweeter on Company credit card.
  3. What did you hire? A Mercedes?
  4. Ha!
  5. Population grew out of control causing this do you reckon? It's probably absurd thinking but...
  6. It's pretty much it.
  7. It's crazy world out there nowadays...
  8. At work I assume?
  9. Ethanol does smell nice when you're gunning it. Just sayin.
  10. Honest talk is the route I'd go for.
  11. I'm sure.
  12. So Adam, is the R ready?
  13. Had taxi, wouldn't recommend.
  14. Famous last words.
  15. I bet if I'm buying these, he'll lowball me by swapping his taxi for it [emoji14]