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  1. hey mate im interested in the airbox and the grill. PM me for postage to QLD?
  2. Just throwing it out there but my car (manual) had a similar issue when engaging the clutch at low speeds/coming to a stop. revs would drop below idle and car would almost stall. I found that an old/dodgey o2 sensor was to blame partially and when i changed it the dip in revs below idle was no where near as bad. also the IAC valve could be all choked up and be slow at opening, there is a DIY thread about cleaning it too on here somewhere. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi I'm interested in the GTR front seats are you willing to sell them without the rears? if so how much and what condition are they in? Thanks.
  4. No problem mate, I am fairly new to the forum myself too so I'm glad I could help!
  5. Hi there could you pm me with a price for a raw cast plenum with adapter for an r33 rb25det. Also do these work with the standard fuel rail? Cheers!
  6. Hi there, probably way too late but are there any r33 gtst ones left?
  7. Hey man awesome build, I've seen you at C&C a few times your car is nuts! I was the guy in the stock 33 marveling at your car as it flew by me Definitely given me something to think about for my build....
  8. OK no problem, yeah I've heard that the garage defend style ones fit but the part around the headlights doesn't sit flush, if anyone else was interested. Put me down for -r33 gtst cooling panel -r33 b-pillar garnish Also anyone know how strong the r33 carbon wing blades are? I've heard stories of some replica ones buckling at high speed. Just wanting to know before I fork out $180 haha
  9. The difference between s1 and s2 is the s1 has an the same headlight shape, bonnet and grille shape as the gtr where as the s2 has more squared lights and the bonnet shape is different as a result. Cooling panel is for s1 but will fit s2. Put me down for a r33 gtst cooling panel and a front grill ( if it fits s2)
  10. Hi there does the r33 gtst - gtr style front grill fit an s2 gtst? If so are there any pics of: R33 wind deflectors R33 front grill R33 gtst garage defend cooling panel. Thanks.
  11. My best guess is something to do with the busted speedo, as I've read on these forums that the sensor which controls how stiff the power steering is at which speed, is usually to blame for a problem like that, especially seeing as it works to begin with but soon stops once you start driving. I reckon fixing the speedo will fix the power steering too. Good luck!
  12. Does both you and your friends car have abs? Because the hicas ecus are different apparently and that may be why. Also does your friends car rev slightly when turning the wheel when stopped? Because if so it could be the speed sensor for the power steering, its working when stopped but not when moving? I am an amateur myself so I am just spit balling here, perhaps the experts on here can shed some light.
  13. Oh so the gtr\s1 panel fits an s2 no dramas? Good news!
  14. Yeah must be very rare nengun don't even have it listed haha.
  15. Yeah I don't have an aftermarket ecu or hicas delete so I can rule those out too, car is fairly stock (for now ) apart from exhaust fmic and coilovers.
  16. Nice build! Definitely giving me some inspiration on where to go with mine. Quick question, I've been looking all over for a cooling plate like that for the s2 but no one seems to make them, is that a custom one?
  17. Ah OK, no my steering wheel is a tired looking stock one haha, no dash light on when car is running but I'll check the fluids when I get some daylight tomorrow, otherwise I'm guessing its the pump on its last legs
  18. I've just encountered a similar problem to this with my S2. Power steering seems to be heavier than normal but it's a constant not intermittent problem. HICAS is plugged in and no lock bar or dash lights. I'm going to check fluids soon but I'm guessing it's a pump issue or the speed sensor?
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