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  1. Interesting. Well GTSBoy turns out it's finished. Pretty cool hey?
  2. Mal Wood is developing a transfer case adapter to make it work. All I'm asking GTSBoy is to not belittle other forum uses because you don't believe in there direction or don't like the thread. No one asked for you to read it.
  3. Listen champ if you want to be a piece of shit find another forum don't bag out people trying something different.
  4. Raw and unedited... GOPR0694_1566291918510_high_1.mp4
  5. Sounds soooo good. I found myself short shifting alot because it feels unnatural to rev a car this high hahaha.
  6. A few build pictures from the last year and a half. Adam Lz was over from the USA and poped into CRD. Perfect timing as the car was doing it's run in on the Dyno. Then one of my best mates decided he looked better in a picture than Adam Lz... I have never been so traumatized over a picture ????? The car ended up arriving like this. 17inch Koya Racing rims with Mickey Thompson Et street tyres I finally fitted my 19x10.5 Works Emotion Dr9 rims with 275/30r19 street tyres. I think I'm starting to fall back in love with this Nugget.
  7. Well it's been a long... long time since I have updated this thread. Alot has happened with the car but I am happy to report it is back in Western Australia. The car is definitely looking worse for wear having been in Sydney for the last 3 years, but I'm just happy to have the car home. Check out my build breakdown.
  8. MSM were to busy to finish the car off. The engine they have built so far is awesome it's just taken to long to get to this point and the car is still not finished MSM are still working closely with the CRD team to make sure the car is sorted
  9. A couple more shots of the car at GT-R battle Only changes to date are the Motorsports Mechanical stickers have been removed (way to big and in your face) The car has been sent to Croyden racing developments to be finished off My 150amp altanator was removed at GT-R Festival and fitted to JUN II so he could run the car. Ended up breaking the world record and ran 7.66 at 188mph. Glad I could help the boys from CRD out Have swapped out the fuel regulator on the car and changed to a weldon racing unit this is the same one used on JUN II and seen to be very reliable with ethanol based fuels Godzilla motorsport coil Packs have been fitted but I am now having 4wd issues with car so can't turn it up fml The saga continues......
  10. So last pieces of the puzzle coming together Just purchased the Godzilla Motorsport R35 coil kit and wiring I have to say they were awesome to deal with and great value than other ignition systems Flying to Sydney tonight to start helping with GT-R Festival on the weekend Looking forward to racing the car on 40psi+ boost
  11. Dose anyone have a complete R33 GT-R boot I need the Boot lip Garnish
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