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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂
  2. Interesting. Well GTSBoy turns out it's finished. Pretty cool hey?
  3. Mal Wood is developing a transfer case adapter to make it work. All I'm asking GTSBoy is to not belittle other forum uses because you don't believe in there direction or don't like the thread. No one asked for you to read it.
  4. Listen champ if you want to be a piece of shit find another forum don't bag out people trying something different.
  5. Raw and unedited... GOPR0694_1566291918510_high_1.mp4
  6. Sounds soooo good. I found myself short shifting alot because it feels unnatural to rev a car this high hahaha.
  7. A few build pictures from the last year and a half. Adam Lz was over from the USA and poped into CRD. Perfect timing as the car was doing it's run in on the Dyno. Then one of my best mates decided he looked better in a picture than Adam Lz... I have never been so traumatized over a picture 😂😂😂😂😂 The car ended up arriving like this. 17inch Koya Racing rims with Mickey Thompson Et street tyres I finally fitted my 19x10.5 Works Emotion Dr9 rims with 275/30r19 street tyres. I think I'm starting to fall back in love with this Nugget.
  8. Well it's been a long... long time since I have updated this thread. Alot has happened with the car but I am happy to report it is back in Western Australia. The car is definitely looking worse for wear having been in Sydney for the last 3 years, but I'm just happy to have the car home. Check out my build breakdown.
  9. MSM were to busy to finish the car off. The engine they have built so far is awesome it's just taken to long to get to this point and the car is still not finished MSM are still working closely with the CRD team to make sure the car is sorted
  10. A couple more shots of the car at GT-R battle Only changes to date are the Motorsports Mechanical stickers have been removed (way to big and in your face) The car has been sent to Croyden racing developments to be finished off My 150amp altanator was removed at GT-R Festival and fitted to JUN II so he could run the car. Ended up breaking the world record and ran 7.66 at 188mph. Glad I could help the boys from CRD out Have swapped out the fuel regulator on the car and changed to a weldon racing unit this is the same one used on JUN II and seen to be very reliable with ethanol based fuels Godzilla motorsport coil Packs have been fitted but I am now having 4wd issues with car so can't turn it up fml The saga continues......
  11. So last pieces of the puzzle coming together Just purchased the Godzilla Motorsport R35 coil kit and wiring I have to say they were awesome to deal with and great value than other ignition systems Flying to Sydney tonight to start helping with GT-R Festival on the weekend Looking forward to racing the car on 40psi+ boost
  12. Dose anyone have a complete R33 GT-R boot I need the Boot lip Garnish
  13. It's been a while since I posted Life has been pretty busy working Managed to fly across to Sydney to help the Motive DVD boys out with GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle. Caught up with Kyle from 1320 Videos he was nice enough to drop me down to pickup my GT-R for the 1st drive. Motorsports Mechanical had the car together however not 100% complete was perfect enough for the shake down at Cootamundra. Drove over to CRD where a few other cars were getting loaded on to the V8 supercar carrier Brett Hobson from Hobson motorsports offered a spot to my car so on she went. Headed out to Cootamundra the next morning and had an absolute blast for the weekend Make sure you grab the DVD when it comes out. After Coota we headed to Eastern Creek Dragway to see what the car could do on 500kw. 10.2 at 140mph 1.7 60ft. Need more time behind the wheel to get the 60ft down but definitely had a high 9 in it. Headed to the 1320 Video and Turbosmart meet and greet which blew my mind, got a tour of the machine shop and got some insight into how they make each product. very cool night! Had the car on display at Jamboree was an amazing experience meeting new people and followers for my build. Can't wait to get back to Sydney for Nitto GT-R Festival in 5 weeks time. The car will be tuned up to around 1000hp. Fun times ahead [emoji1]
  14. Could you please post a picture of the splash tray to suite r33 gtr And also looking for under gtr wing plastic trim
  15. G'day fellas It's been a while since I have updated everyone on the progress of the car So just to go into more detail about the build I have listed everything I can remember from start to finish. It's been a wild 6 months so let me try and remember what happened The car arrived in Sydney and a base run was done on the Dyno the car made 520 horsepower at the rear wheels which was identical to what it ran over in the West besides from the cracked block the car was perfect maybe a bit rich on the tune The boys at Motorsports Mechanical got started with pulling the old engine out of the car and having a look what they had to work with. After the engine was out by sat down and had a conference call with Mick and we not it out a plan of attack for the build. After much thought and deliberation we decided if we were going to go big. It was very important for me to retain the 2.6 litre configuration as I wanted to car to be able to read reliably so the decision was made to run the following combo Motorsport mechanical 2.8 litre 1200 horsepower bottom end All housed in a Nissan N1 Block The cylinder head was a full CNC port job with oversized valves big cams double valve Springs and custom modified buckets so the vehicle could rev reliably Our goal was at a minimum 1000 horsepower at all four wheels with a 10000 RPM limit I wanted to retain the factory 6 throttle body setup and greddy plenum which looking at it now was probably something that I should have changed out for a hypertune manifold the car itself is at a level now that that would be causing a major restriction and stopping it from potentially making more power on less boost. The fuel system had to be completely overhauled as my original goal with 600 horsepower the delivery would have never been enough the car now has 3x 044 pumps Walbro 460 pump in the tank twin Dash 8 supply lines with a dash 10 return Turbosmart 2000 horsepower fuel regulator keeps the pressures in check I run 6 Bosch 2000cc injectors through a larger diameter Billet fuel rail The ignition system on the car is a work in progress unfortunately as with all big builds they have big costs and I ran out of money The car was running Spitfires but we found it could not cope at these levels on boost and fuel delivery I now have on order a pro GTR Motorsport 2000 plus horsepower ignition coil setup 260 ignition issue Turbo wise I've always been a fan of Precision turbos run precision 6466 on my F6 Typhoon which made 800 horsepower at the wheels Atlas and 24 pound I found it to be a very reliable turbo however a bit small for this combo The car now runs a Precision 7675 turbo on a 6 boost manifold with a Turbosmart 60mm wastegate venting to atmosphere of course hahahahaha The car runs a full 4 inch stainless steel exhaust system with a varex muffler at the rear which has a electronic control valve which opens and closes a flap to suppress exhaust noise this may need more work when it gets back to Perth as I have a feeling it's going to be way too loud and not practical for the street I will let Nick from the exhaust centre in Midvale check it out and he will hook me up with something more streetable The car is running a quaife front diff and in 8 litre oversized sump and a nitto oil pump controls oil flow around the engine As the car is going to be seeing 9000 + RPM we wanted to make sure the signal to the ECU was going to be faultless so we have now fitted by Ross trigger kit to the car Mick is set up not catch can as well as or return mods and I will supply mods to the engine to help it live for the punishment I'm about to give it but this side of things is pretty hush hush Mick won't tell me alot The car is now running a large radiator and thermo fan to help with cooling Now the 5 speed factory gearbox was 100% not going to last so we purchased a PPG straight cut 1st to 5th dog gear set and added billet selector forks and a billet sandwich plate I have also added a lockout shifter which will stop the dreaded 2nd to 3rd miss shift which is very common when you're all geed up at the drag strip we are running a direct twin plate clutch which runs a 26 splined input shaft from PPG Really I think the car needs a sequential at this level of power however my budget will not stretch hopefully down the track the car will get itself a ppg full sequential gearbox which from what I've heard are epic and the next best box to get for a new GTR The car is had brand new brake booster brand new clutch slave and brake master cylinder fitted just to be sure that I'm not going to have any stupid failures For a car at this level I needed to make sure I selected the right ECU the only real option besides from motec which once again was way out of my price range. Haltech was the best choice for me great value endless capabilities and trick cool shit that I can't wait to set up I am running boost pressure coolant temp fuel pressure AFR intake temp sensors along with a Haltech flex sensor and digital street dash First issue four-wheel drive wouldn't work the boys at Motorsports Mechanical started looking into this before dynoing the car it had always had an issue since I first built the car with Peter Grey and we never found time to get to the bottom of it Mick managed to bleed the full drive system replace a couple of users but the car still had a fault he ended up finding and ABS sensor which had rubbed on the chassis of the car causing it to go open circuit he replaced that and the four wheel drive light went out he cleared the codes put it on the Dyno but still had dramas with the four-wheel drive system not engaging after a stressful and frustrating phone call I convinced Mick to remove the console and inspect the g sensor after several tests we found a g sensor was not functioning correctly $100 later and a quick drive down the road we found a good second-hand G-sensor which hey fitted to the car problem solved Second issue now running with all these fancy gadgets in the car led to another issue the car itself was struggling to keep good voltage to all the required sensors gauges etc at 9500 RPM the car was registering 11.5 volts at all three fuel pumps on the Dyno the car was not having enough voltage to run the full drive system so mid run the car would switch off the full drive system causing the car to go into rear wheel drive and smoke the tires on the Dyno I ended up finding hey 150 amp alternator from America but after trial fit found it kept throwing belts and was Miss aligned if I had more time I would have made it work but unfortunately I didn't have time to mess with it so I purchased RH9 150 amp alternator bolt straight up good 10000 + RPM Dyno time The car when on the rollers and after doing all that bass fuel setups 98 Ron fuel the car went 650 horsepower at all four wheels The fuel was and rained out of the car and E85 was added After further runs on the car and fine tuning the car went 965 horsepower at all four wheels but unfortunately that's when we had a third issue The car kept breaking down and it was agreed that the ignition system would not handle anymore power so we pull the car back to 900 horsepower until I have more funds to purchase some decent coil packs PS these are now in order and hopefully we'll be fitted before I fly to Sydney on the 27th of this month hahaha these are now on order and hopefully we'll be fitted before i fly to sydney on the 27th of this month Now the car is now running under its own steam I decided I would have it sent across to have a roll cage fitted A few months ago I ran a group buy on roll Cage's from AGI I ended up purchasing 13 roll Cage's from them for guys in Perth saving them nearly 30% on the cost and freight of roll Cage's The guys at AGI offered to fit my roll cage up and while we're there we did a quick video on the install of the cage 4 Motive DVD anyone who wants to watch it and how they are installed and how good the Cage's are I will add the link to the bottom of this thread I have to say the Cage's epic and I'm very happy with the quality of install and from what I hear every person who purchased a cage through the group by extremely happy The car itself has a long way to go until I am satisfied 100% what I want there is still a lot of work to be done but this will take time the car itself will run fast and and be an absolute ball tearer I can't wait to drive it next week I probably missed a heap of stuff that has been done to the car but that's all I can think of for now
  16. Well things have been moving forward at a good pace The gearbox arrived with its new ppg gearset and dogsetit's been bolted up to a direct twin plate clutch kit The full 4inch exhaust system is fitted and stops at the diff I will have my main man at The Exhaust center midvale fix that and make it more streetable with mufflers ect when it gets back First startup went well with no issues I have ordered the entire catalog off Haltech for my car it will be running flex system and a full Haltech iq3 street dash. This is a great option as it has indicators, high beam indicators and brake warning lights on them. need to add an extra 044 Make sure you head across the Motor Sports Mechanical and like there Facebook page to see live streams of the car Motive DVD and Street FX will be doing a live stream on Facebook when the car is dynoed so keep an eye out
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