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  1. Oh and before I did the injectors I went up to the local 1/4mile and did 14.7@101 I am now hoping to get a better time:-)
  2. SORTED Replaced the injectors/rail/fpr and filter - better off boost but still not perfect. Replaced the fuel pump even though it had one 6 months before I got it.. The fuel line from the pump it self wasn't done up at all... And it's wasn't a walbro as in the history.. It was a denso 23 03G 3570 oh and the filter wasn't clean either:/
  3. fitted the hks actuator with 1/2 a hole tension, I am now getting 0.9bar at the top and 0.6bar by 4k, however she goes well.... :-)
  4. I didn't understand the loop was so bad.. Either way loads happier now. Well the plan was to use the original actuator for the low boost and then the boost controller for high (just before the power falls off because of other limiting issues) However it's the original turbo so I had assumed it would run low boost all day long, It did hold 0.7-0.8 on the hks one ok though. I'll pop that one back on and see how she goes, all I'm after is stable boost before I put the controller into the system:-)
  5. had a long play this weekend, found the loop for setting the timing wasn't agreeing with my strobe, and was seeing the wrong part of the signal, so I did a search and found others had this and use either on the coil feed or make a short HT lead, so as I wasn't home clipped on the feed and then set it to 15btdc, its a lot better and doesn't make any noises or fall flat, but is still pulling 0.6bar high up, it should be 0.4bar with the actuator. I also changed the auto fluid and engine oil... that's made it nice and smooth too
  6. the timing was well out when I got the car, but I didn't spot it until after I lost pistons. I got a reasonable timing light to set the ignition timing to 15btdc, it then gave me a flat spot, but higher boost, so as a side thought I removed the hks actuator I had as it was sold to me as new but you never know type purchase, and put it back to stock with a view to installing the boost controller for the higher boost, even with the stock actuator I had more boost than I wanted, so I retarded the timing a little more and found the boost went up, I have now back to 15btdc and have a data log of the flat spot, This is at 0.4bar boost with shell vpower. rpm and ign timing are on the right scale, the timing is pulled from 4000rpm, and the VTC is turned off at 5700rpm according to the log file This is a slow rolling start as shes auto
  7. After a lot if playing and trying things it's related to ign timing, I retarded it more and it got worse. I then set it to where it was when I brought the car and it perfect. But I now have det above 6k or at leased a noise from the exhaust side of the engine like it's coming from the passengers foot well. Might change the auto fluid to make sure it's not old fluid around the clutch packs etc. But a happy result. The boost is now 0.4bar and stable all the way up
  8. Hi yeah I have had the turbo off and checked the whole thing. As I was finding another issue, High boost mode as per the DIY thread is to drill the feed line to the base of the diagram so it open and then block the hole where it joins the J pipe, Glad the pump is known to be quiet though:-)
  9. So I brought a IBC-R so I could set the boost as I want etc... I replaced the hks actuator for the stock one I removed last year and thought I would check it was holding 0.4bar as its meant to, Its not.. its going anywhere from 0.5 to 0.8bar but only over 5k and if it don't go flat because of the over boosting/ R&R my aim was to set the controller for slightly higher boost lower in the rev range and then backing off where the normal flat spot is on the stock ecu, So the issues I have checked are: fuel pump fitted before I got the car is actually what is in the tank. (also did the relay mod, pump is still quiet though for a walbro 255) all pipes are tight and clips work (did find 2 that were dud) check the pipe to the actuator is not split.. I have not got the original boost valve installed either. I checked the fuelling and its around 12:1 until it gets over 4k and then if the boost goes over 0.6bar it drops to between 9 and 10:1 consult is also showing fuelling going up and timing coming out on the data log if it goes higher on the boost. I have removed and re-soldered the AFM also cleaned it. I have removed and re lacquered the coils set the spark plugs to 0.8mm changed the oe bov to high boost mode checked the ignition is 15btdc - even though she is a lot better at 20btdc around town The mods I have are: HKS exhaust+ de-cat+ down pipe R34 SMIC HKS panel air filter cometic head gasket (1.3mm) large fuel filter walbro 255 pump oh and she is still auto so cant remap (I think) example: went to get fuel 15miles each way, on the way to get fuel she would hold 0.4bar unit near 5k then it would go up to 0.6-0.7bar just after leaving left the fuel station I joined the main road and she held 0.4bar all the way up and went very nicely, however I went to repeat it and it went up to 0.8 and naturally went flat. I have done a few searches on here, hence the pump relay mod, bov mod, lacquering coils and the plug gaps. this site is a very good resource :-)
  10. thanks I'm trying to keep her clean and tidy:) plans for her are to get to about 320-330hp or as far as the stock turbo etc. will allow, then add a little nitrous for 1/4 mile action, she is a my daily drive so I'm not planning on going to mad with her. insurance was actually not as easy as I hoped, but there are places out there that are not asking for my soul as payment...
  11. hello all, I've had my r33 gtst auto for nearly a year now, and I'm still very happy. so far I have taken her from stock to just below 'stage 1' I guess. I have had my issues with her, all results of the last owner So the car: HKS hi power exhaust system HKS de-cat pipe HKS front pipe HKS panel filter Hi flow fuel filter R34 side mount intercooler walbro 255 fuel pump acl main and rod bearings total seal rings cometic 1.3mm head gasket n1 oil and water pumps 2nd stage of boost removed at the moment so just the low boost (0.6bar though) stock head bolts, pistons, turbo, manifold, ecu etc....
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