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  1. BK I do obviously know & realise how many GTR’s were made & in what colours, I’m clearly only wondering which TH1 Blue ones still exist & have stood the test of time with it being 25+ years since built. You obviously don’t get my question angle
  2. It’s a $110K Build she goes down the road ok but struggles to hook on 265 all round haha Fun to drive tho!
  3. Ben C34 Classic bro but true! Had the Car around 7-8yrs but haven’t really showed her out Yet it’s my Baby haha 😉
  4. BK mate calm down I’m just wondering as yours is the first I’ve seen
  5. Anyone know of a Genuine 1993 TH1 BLUE R32 GTR in Existence??
  6. Hi SAU Anyone know of any genuine TH1 BLUE R32’s in Existence??
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