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  1. hi and welcome from another welllington skyline owner. did you replace the spigot bearing when you did your clutch? maybe take it into WAGS and see if they have any ideas
  2. yeah rules to live by in a car, sky up good, sky down bad...
  3. lol as a person with a high hp rwd, i would strongly advise against that lol, unless its just for a little bit of time. i have to wait till 4th and 5th to give mine 20psi lol
  4. yay for good news, gutted its not the issue
  5. Slightly better video of the first run VID-20191207-WA0005.mp4
  6. Damn, it always feels like one step forward two steps back, it took me 8 years to get mine built to were it is now, and it still feels like it's got a few more years to go (gearbox, fuel pressure issues, random noises to track down etc) but am loving having it going now. Mine doesn't turn any heads which is cool and sad at the same time lol
  7. So catch can has been made up and it was time for the drags (Dec 7-8). Because the car makes a bunch of hp and to try get it down the track without breakong driveline parts we are running boost by gear (1st 7psi, 2nd 10psi, 3rd 14psi and 4th+5th is 17psi). Due to weather there was only one day of racing, and unfortunately at our local track you don't get many runs in a day. So my first run was full of adrenaline and monkey driving, but did a 12.68@118.6mph. Second run was once again full of adrenaline and monkey driving, this time did a 12.19@123.5mph. needless to say I was stoked with that run. For the next run we changed the launch control and turned 4th and 5th up to 20psi. The car launched way better then the first two runs but Unfortunately I got lots of axle tramp and hooked second while axle tramping, apparently my axles didn't like this and snapped both axles at the CV ends. So that was the end of my weekend, but we suspect the car would have done an 11 if it had held. For next time I am going to get a clutch slipper valve, put Bilsteins in the back and not run my 18's... Some videos and pictures attached. received_442954359962069.mp4 VID-20191208-WA0021.mp4 VID-20191207-WA0023.mp4
  8. All good bro, I have had those moments with my build, and take inspiration where I can. Cars looking great, how's it coming together?
  9. Hopefully I will have some more updates soon, getting a catch can made up, then off to the drags on the 7th of December, see if it can do a 12 second 1/4
  10. A small update on mine. I have changed from a borg warner s360sx to a s362sxe using the same exhaust housing and everything else the same. Due to fuel pressure issues we only did one run over 20psi which is below. This is on very soft timing and once fuel issues are sorted it will do over 500kws
  11. please see Lith's post about how the new turbo got on over here needless to say I am over the moon with the new turbo, it responds identically to the S360sx and flows more
  12. Excellent write up Dan, and yeah captures the day. Attached is the video of the last run we did 260kpa e85 run.mp4
  13. yay awesome progress, hopefully number six is something simple like a wiring issue.
  14. One of these isn't quite like the other... Changed from the s360sx to a s361sxe. So far road tuning shows it's not a shit swap Hopefully have some dyno results this week.
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