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  1. lovely views up there. the coating looks good too.
  2. awesome work Allan, great to see it back out and in use.
  3. those that follow this comedy thread never forget
  4. it sucks you got shit support from them, but great news that you have the box assembled and back now.
  5. nice, what cams did you go with?
  6. I had this when I was building mine, it took 8 odd years, but once I got it going again there is no way I will sell it
  7. nice, still need to catch up and have a look at this in real life.
  8. nice setup. is the clutch a RB one or a 370z one?
  9. bugger about the stock, fingers crossed PPG have them in stock. exciting to get the manifold back
  10. i see Speedtek are doing a billet center plate now too, would it be easier to get it all from the one place? also which 5th gear are you going with? i am still wanting to get one of their gearsets but i want longer ratios not shorter
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