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  1. I had this when I was building mine, it took 8 odd years, but once I got it going again there is no way I will sell it
  2. nice, still need to catch up and have a look at this in real life.
  3. nice setup. is the clutch a RB one or a 370z one?
  4. bugger about the stock, fingers crossed PPG have them in stock. exciting to get the manifold back
  5. i see Speedtek are doing a billet center plate now too, would it be easier to get it all from the one place? also which 5th gear are you going with? i am still wanting to get one of their gearsets but i want longer ratios not shorter
  6. are you still running a stock diff and stock 5x1 axles?
  7. does anyone know what resistance the resistor needs to be if you are removing the bulb. i have thought about putting the bulb behind the dash, but would rather have a cleaner setup with just a resistor.
  8. Haven't updated this in a while. But my local drag strip had a test and tune on the weekend. So I loaded up the skyline with axles and tools to change them then headed over. With the setup how it drives on the street my goals were one don't break, and two try for an 11. And I'm happy we say I managed both of those things, best 60ft over the weekend was a 2.0s, best time for the weekend was a [email protected] my reaction times were measurable by a calendar but it was a test and tune🤷‍♂️ Here's is my first run of the weekend, it was a [email protected] https://youtu.be/X1iakuwiVYo
  9. i hope it is something as simple as low fluid, even if it does mean all this has been for nothing.
  10. hahaha i'm sure there are worse addictions to have but i can't think of any at the moment, tools and RB
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