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  1. Haven't updated this in a while. But my local drag strip had a test and tune on the weekend. So I loaded up the skyline with axles and tools to change them then headed over. With the setup how it drives on the street my goals were one don't break, and two try for an 11. And I'm happy we say I managed both of those things, best 60ft over the weekend was a 2.0s, best time for the weekend was a [email protected] my reaction times were measurable by a calendar but it was a test and tune🤷‍♂️ Here's is my first run of the weekend, it was a [email protected] https://youtu.be/X1iakuwiVYo
  2. i hope it is something as simple as low fluid, even if it does mean all this has been for nothing.
  3. hahaha i'm sure there are worse addictions to have but i can't think of any at the moment, tools and RB
  4. hang in there mate, get the diff guy to sus the diff then onwards good luck on doing the gearbox yourself, i looked into it and it looked like a mission and a bunch of tools I didn't have :(
  5. Yeah, was a bit of fun. The car gets a wheel going ok.
  6. odd, i've tried on two different devices and its working on both and thanks
  7. NZ is in lockdown due to covid-19, and it was my birthday. So what else can one do. Skid hd.mp4
  8. yep, missing getting mine out, but not worth the risk. did a little skid in the driveway on the weekend
  9. nice looking C33, and yeah setup a build page for it showing more details.
  10. i believe so, the chassis mounts for the driveshaft are the same for both auto and manual from what i have seen
  11. ? what was your shock and tyre setup when you did that? i want to get an 11 out of mine with out having to pick up bits of axle lol
  12. Manual setups to suit RBs are getting hard to and expensive to find :( good luck. Throw a TD05-16g on the 20de and it will be a blast.
  13. awesome build, are you still running the R33 rear end? or did you change? what was your best 60ft with the R33 axles?
  14. 18x8 +26 (+41 with a 15mm spacer) rears are 18x9 +47 rims are Lowenhart wheels (SSR's)
  15. welcome from another NZer. looks like a lot of work coming up for you. are you going to put the RB20e out of the R33 into the R32 shell?
  16. gutted about the gasket letting go again, setup looks awesome.
  17. hi and welcome from another welllington skyline owner. did you replace the spigot bearing when you did your clutch? maybe take it into WAGS and see if they have any ideas
  18. yeah rules to live by in a car, sky up good, sky down bad...
  19. lol as a person with a high hp rwd, i would strongly advise against that lol, unless its just for a little bit of time. i have to wait till 4th and 5th to give mine 20psi lol
  20. Slightly better video of the first run VID-20191207-WA0005.mp4
  21. Damn, it always feels like one step forward two steps back, it took me 8 years to get mine built to were it is now, and it still feels like it's got a few more years to go (gearbox, fuel pressure issues, random noises to track down etc) but am loving having it going now. Mine doesn't turn any heads which is cool and sad at the same time lol
  22. So catch can has been made up and it was time for the drags (Dec 7-8). Because the car makes a bunch of hp and to try get it down the track without breakong driveline parts we are running boost by gear (1st 7psi, 2nd 10psi, 3rd 14psi and 4th+5th is 17psi). Due to weather there was only one day of racing, and unfortunately at our local track you don't get many runs in a day. So my first run was full of adrenaline and monkey driving, but did a [email protected] Second run was once again full of adrenaline and monkey driving, this time did a [email protected] needless to say I was stoked with that run. For the next run we changed the launch control and turned 4th and 5th up to 20psi. The car launched way better then the first two runs but Unfortunately I got lots of axle tramp and hooked second while axle tramping, apparently my axles didn't like this and snapped both axles at the CV ends. So that was the end of my weekend, but we suspect the car would have done an 11 if it had held. For next time I am going to get a clutch slipper valve, put Bilsteins in the back and not run my 18's... Some videos and pictures attached. received_442954359962069.mp4 VID-20191208-WA0021.mp4 VID-20191207-WA0023.mp4
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