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  1. yeah the card is great, i run a Kogan 34" 3440x1440 144hz monitor plays COD easy 100+ FPS on Ultra settings and when not gaming mining gets about $10/ day 85-88mh/s
  2. think that ebay seller spelled his username wrong, looks like it should have been 420seven I bought my 3080 September 2020 it arrived March 2021 $1469 PCCG whilst my son bought his i think 1 or 2 days before me from CPL and his order eventually got cancelled I sold my old 1080GTX for $465 on Ebay the week after i did my pre-order 3 x 8 Pin connectors
  3. wow thread revival level expert I reckon post the PDF, i don't need it but i know how knowledgeable and how much time you put into the community it would be a shame to loose that information even if Apexi is deadish
  4. 1) poor man pays twice 2) knowledge is priceless 3) poor man pays twice
  5. from memory left to right through the slots in the sender
  6. that clutch cover looks like the push design do you need a clutch Sinista32? EDIT funny picture looks like a push but numbers say its a pull
  7. or a club sponsor https://www.facebook.com/pages/AM-Performance/135203453221377?ref=ts&fref=ts
  8. from memory you slide the fuel sender left which would be right into the path of where the fuel pump was, probably why you need to take it out
  9. really its only a 1hour turn around job, what part you stuck on
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