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  1. Genuine R32 GTR grill in factory blue Good condition $100 Brisbane
  2. no difference is sound from what I remember (used to have one on my old R32 w/ rb25)
  3. GTR BOV's as shown with the crossover piping from an R32 GTR. Tried some 33 ones, but these didn't feel any different, so these are fine. A single one of these is direct bolt-on to RB25det, and has a stronger spring over stock. It is also able to be plumbed-back so also legal. Will split if 2 buyers are interested. I'm South of Brisbane. Pickup from the Goldcoast also available. Will post - you pay postage. $100
  4. Have got a pair of lower control arms to suit an R32 GTS or R32 GTS-t. The bushes appear to still be in fairly good condition. These often need replacing if you run into anything major. Asking $100 the pair. Located south of Brisbane, will post.
  5. After an r32 gtr Front reo in vgc.. Mine is slightly bent and it bothers me. How much are they from Nissan these days? Qld preferred unless you can ship
  6. Received mine before.. chunky as all hell Thanks gorgeous for the GB.
  7. What about the others? Like Gordon C**** ? Only prob is they arrive between xmas and New Years, our office will be closed. I can wait till Jan, that doesn't matter, but coming up to Xmas is a bad delivery time.
  8. Any chance of a new buy in the new year? Obviously with xmas lots of other things money must be spent on at the moment
  9. I think it's misleading to make out old cars need "nothing done to them".. It's the small things like alternators go, radiators go, bushes get worn, wheel bearings wear out, they get annoying oil leaks, etc, etc. All of these things can cost a bit to get fixed when you add them up over time. Yes, even on corollas. I've had plenty of daily drivers over the years, and they all need things done to them, and it's a pain in the arse having to fix this and that on the daily, when you have a car you'd much rather be spending time and money on. If your mate is not mechanically minded and able to fix things himself, then he'd probably want something newer.
  10. I have one of those as my daily, has broken lots of small annoying things, and presently off the road with a blown HG... but true, most parts are pretty easy and cheap to find.
  11. Remaining payment made, along with address details.
  12. Got a pair of lower control arms to suit R32 GTS/T.. ball joints as well as inner bushes look to be in very good condition. Good for spares if you make love to a gutter anytime.. or get new bushes put in, then swap them into replace your worn LCA's. $80 the pair. Stock R32/R33 GTS-T blow off valve. Appears to be in good condition. Useful for returning to stock if defected - $40 2x gearbox cross members to suit R32 GTS-T manual (no bush).. $50 each 1x stock boost solenoid with plug suit R33 GTS-T .. $30 - again useful for defects I'm South of Brisbane, also on the goldcoast during the week.
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