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  1. after some N1 or Shorin side skirts and must be able to ship to new zealand.. pm me if u have anything
  2. foot on pedal.. start engine ..pedal moves down a inch.. doesnt that mean booster is working?
  3. ahhh so it is leaking cause yea sounds like a air pump when u depress the pedal..if i have to replace is there a upgraded model or something better to replace it with?
  4. wouldnt the brake be crappy if there was a booster leak? Cheers!
  5. Hey Guys JUst noticed when the car is running on my r32 gtr and booster activated when i depress the brake pedal it make a wooshing sound like a bellows pump havent noticed it before..is it normal? or if not what could cause be? brakes seem to be working as normal.. heres a video of what i mean.. ignore the funky slippers.... https://youtu.be/IEztiu6vbZY
  6. can see it.. is it a mspec kit from a gtst?"
  7. anyone know what body kit this is? Mspec body kit
  8. o can you buy w modulator to run the pump at half speed all the time if current fuel needs only require that amount?
  9. will the factory power modulate the pump under idle wired this way? i assume that it does the factory pump.. so will it pulse the relay switches duty cycle to keep pump slower at idle?
  10. Anyone know what modifications need to be done to fit a walbro 455 pump into the stock cradle on a r32 gtr? anyone done this with any larger fuel pumps bigger than the 400ltr series pumps out there
  11. if base pressure is 38psi will be ok running a reg that has min of 40psi adjustment? ie a 40-75psi reg?
  12. Cheers! Mate Appreciate you taking the time to answer!!! Most Helpful..
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