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  1. o can you buy w modulator to run the pump at half speed all the time if current fuel needs only require that amount?
  2. will the factory power modulate the pump under idle wired this way? i assume that it does the factory pump.. so will it pulse the relay switches duty cycle to keep pump slower at idle?
  3. Anyone know what modifications need to be done to fit a walbro 455 pump into the stock cradle on a r32 gtr? anyone done this with any larger fuel pumps bigger than the 400ltr series pumps out there
  4. if base pressure is 38psi will be ok running a reg that has min of 40psi adjustment? ie a 40-75psi reg?
  5. Cheers! Mate Appreciate you taking the time to answer!!! Most Helpful..
  6. Hey guy anyone hand any experience with these installing into a factory r32 gtr cradle ?? simple drop in or more? Cheers!
  7. car currently running 350hp at the wheels..
  8. I’m wanting to increase the power slowly of a period of time bit by bit my question is are there any issues running a 1000hp fuel pressure regulator on stock boost and lines just so it’s installed and sitting there then the build can work around it
  9. I take it the 2 lines ive marked in red are the ones that the hoses run from to the factory boost solenoid? if so .. im running a greddy boost controller directly to the intake plenum and the wast gates so dont need to use it.. but i have lines still running from them to the factory solenoid..if i remove the solenoid and the rubber lines.. should i join the 2 points together with a small bit of rubber hose of cap each one off separately?? just dont want to effect anything else that may or may not be running on either side of those vacuum lines..
  10. Yeah found that.. but I’m not sure where I can remove or block those lines so the manifold doesn’t vent to atmosphere ..
  11. Did u end up removing it? i want to get rid of mine just extra hoses comming out that don’t need to be there.. did u Put a joiner in there or something instead?
  12. cheers! guys just didnt want to break anything
  13. hi all Ive been searching for a definitive answer on what screws do what for the headlight adjusters on my r32 gtr projectors.. but have seen so many opinions and sooo many of them different.. does anyone actually know ie have done a few so can say or work in teh automotive industry and had to do for customers? cheers!
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