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  1. I will be getting the pink slip this weekend and 6mth rego next week
  2. Hi Selling my R33 the car is 18 years old so dont expect it to be like new, the front bumper is a little rough and the body could do with a little care, but the engine and gear box are very very good, no problems no rust runs well gear changes are smooth near new tyres. the price is 5.5k because the rego is untill 16th April i really need to get another car for work once i get rego it will go back up to 7K and will stay there until it sells, I'm over people low balling it, BS offers and asking for swaps people seem to want things for free these days so no BS offers please its 5.5 NO SWAPS Some mods: - POD filter (i still have the original box included in sale) - POD filter box (metal) - Original springs (lowered springs included in sale) - BOV (can be set to atmosphere or plump back) (original included in sale) - HKS silent Priest exhaust - Boost gauge -Turbo timer - OP6 Turbo - Stage 2 clutch upgrade - SpitFire coilpacks - Intercooler - no swaps Inspections welcome. Sydney liverpool location no swaps thanks call or text me on 0415066166 Cheers ps NO SWAPS Pps NO SWAPS!!
  3. $6000 final price drop that's a really fair and low price, its not worth selling for less than that, if it dosnt sell in the next week im just going to keep it
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