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  1. Love their answering machine message... 'We regret that the number you have dialed is temporarily out of service'. The voice is strangely familiar..
  2. FOR SALE: 2002 Toyota Corolla Wagon Location: Seaford Meadows, SA Kilometers: 268000 Transmission type: 5sp manual Engine: 1ZZ-FE 1.8L Twin Cam Colour: White with grey interior Modifications: BC Coilovers, Apec Xpression 18inch wheels, Extractors, Exhaust, Complete Sportivo body kit (Front bar and wing installed currently) Roadworthy Certificate: N/A Registered: Exp May 2012 Accident History: none Asking Price: $6699 Contact Details: Call Tim on 0401 412 245 Images at the link below http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=12290191
  3. http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-racing-29/
  4. lol... It was part of an article in Top Gear Australia magazine a couple of years ago... Neil Bates' Corolla against an R/C car.
  5. I've been racing/flying for a few years... 15 or so. Have a bit of a collection going Tim
  6. Contrats Andrew and Carolyn!! Enjoy the sleep while you get can it! Hope your better half is going well. Timmy and Amy
  7. Dean - I'll come race when you use NIMh's and rubber tires
  8. heavily into rc car racing, heli's and planes. bodyboarding footy
  9. has it been back on the road since the Anzac/Sth Rd bingle?
  10. bah, 2003?! you don't even come close to old skool shane!
  11. what ever happened to Hippy Steve - moved to WA? Bugalugs Drift Spec - Rob? Grepin ( he's around sometimes maybe? ) GTR-King - Brad? Clint32 N/A - Ken? And the guy who lived in Pt Augusta for a while with the white GTS4... don't remember his name..
  12. Hey mate, Built a place with my better half soon after we got engaged, have been here since January. Coops - R31 Wagon, white, black stockies ... You?
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