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  1. Vehicle running rich and error codes popping up dont know what to do need help asap
  2. Are these the right wheel alignment specs for a c34 laurel, if not does anybody know what car i can base my specs on (like a stanza or old infiniti) or have the actual wheel alignment specs.
  3. What parts of canada are you guys from, im from alberta
  4. Drive shaft and rear diff for a c34 laurel? ....s14?
  5. Found this cool website that can sell you OEM parts and give you part numbers for them. Pretty helpful for finding those hard parts. Check them out http://jp-carparts.com
  6. I'm planning on buying a c34 laurel but, don't know that much about them. Just wanted to know some more insight and knowledge before I make a purchase. Here's the link of the vehicle, let me know of what you think? http://authorityimports.com/car-listing/1994-nissan-laurel/ -What common problems are they known -what kind of parts from other nissan makes can fit on the c34 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment... Much appreciated.
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