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  1. Snick3rzz

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted this 34 in Marshall, was visiting my sister and noticed the sticker [emoji106] I was in the gold VE that pulled up when you were leaving if this is you [emoji12]
  2. Snick3rzz

    Spotted Thread

    Silver R34 sedan drove past me at a roundabout 1ish in Warrnambool today Nice tone to it
  3. Snick3rzz

    Spotted Thread

    Dark Red (Almost Maroon) R33 drove past my house here is Warrnambool when I was cutting the grass at 6:30-7:30, missed the plates. Was a sticker on the left side, may have been SAU or a little red Triangle, only got a glimpse Also a Black R33 at about 12:50 just past Red Rooster also across from my house however I was on the opposite side of the road.
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