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  1. That's, surprising. Might work in drag car. Might not in a drift car. Not for long anyway. If I ever need opinion or advice on setups that are nothing like mine in terms of application or composition, I'll ask you for sure. Cheers.
  2. 9k would be fun I reckon. Wound it up to 8500 on the dyno looking for the power curve to drop and it was a screamer. Unfortunately I can't touch a budget that would support a 9k plus RB30. I can't even afford a dry sump at this stage. Yes more displacement would be nice, so maybe bigger pistons. But, I dont want longer rods. In addition to this, I've effectively reduced capacity from shaving the head. Arguably not alot, but that is the case. In doing so it's part of the recipe that pushed the motor to an almost 20% gain in peak power...and still haven't touched the bottom end...or the intake ports.
  3. Back again. RB25DE Non VCT Changes since last time, -Head shaved .030 -Camtech 272°, 9mm lift, 109° lobe seperation -Valve springs -STD lifters -RB26 intake with ITB's -3inch exhaust Still standard bottom end and head gasket. Pretty happy with 141kwatw. I have a thinner gasket in the shed so once the rings let go it might be time for pistons, rods and a full balance. Head porting and bigger cams will also be on the agenda. An RB30 bottom end never will be however, I like RPM too much.
  4. R32 GTS25 RB25DE (small port non VCT R32 RB25) CAI Fujitsubo extractors. 2.25 straight through exhaust. Mild port - exhaust side only. Poncams. Tomei cam gears (0 deg on both was actually the sweet spot surprisingly) Nistune. 98 octane. 158.7hp atw. Tuned by Matt Spry. Link to dyno sheet below. https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xtp1/t31.0-8/11062004_1013167325369234_3421555629321155321_o.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9
  5. Yea some retard had to give a 20 a go. Didn't realise it would be me. Should have just built the 25, but I digress. The Nistune was chosen because for what I'm after I couldn't see the point in spending another thousand on something like a microtech. But also I was planning to use it for my 25DE until it blew so I already had it just chilling in the parts pile. Not to mention it retains the factory cold tune so it will actually start and keep running first time it fires, which is nice.
  6. You may be right, 240 is achievable it's just that I'm being conservative when saying what it will make so I'm not disappointed. Yea it will very likely act like a 2 stroke power band wise, which is fine. If it were for grip I'd aim for a buff midrange. But it's drift and the peaky curve is suited to the way I drive. He's a kind of backyard guru. I'm very confident in his abilities and knowledge having seen some of the heads and motors he's put together over the years. Had a look at hypergear today and the ATR43SS1 might be the way to go. Bonus is it's an Australian company. Ah, ok then. Will avoid the vertical core. Does make sense that the cooling efficiency is dismal in comparison to a cross flow. Cheers man
  7. So I've blown my 380xxxkm RB25DE (just a ring or two) and think it's time to move forward on a build I started a year ago, my RB20. I purchased most of what I needed and my friend has completed 90% of the head porting. Poncams are what I'll be using as I already have them in my 25, Tomei spirngs, ARIAS 81mm forgies, cometic 1.3mm MLS gasket, SARD 650cc injectors, NISTune, NZ steam pipe low mount manifold, ARP studs main and head, Walbro 255lph in tank pump, Maxima airflow meter (cheaper than Z32 and good upto 500hp), Oil cooler, 6kg flywheel. Bearings are something I'm waiting to purchase until after the crank is all measured and hopefully gravy. I also haven't decided which turbo to use just yet but I am leaning towards the KINUGAWA TD06H 20G 8cm. It's internal gate and I want to retain a low mount. Also it's cheaper than most. The thing that will be interesting with this motor, I think, will be comparing it with similar 20's that aren't ported. People just don't bother very often (with building 20's and/or porting them). You'll also notice there is no mention of rods. They will be standard. Honestly the only reason I have forged pistons is because the motor like my 25 has blown rings, so while I'm in there I may as well enlarge the bore. Intercooler is also something I'm not sure about, but I am leaning towards the PWR vertical core setup so the pipe work will be short as possible because I am retaining the standard intake plenum. Possibly a PWR radiator as well. The goal is anything over 200rwkw and to see the difference in boost required in comparison to a standard head. Pictures will come when there is something to show, an RB20 block looks the same as the next. Any constructive input would be great
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