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  1. Spotted a Grey R33 4-door along Central Coast Highway near Wamberal on saturday morning around 10am
  2. that was me, orsm. I dont get spotted that often.
  3. Anyone know if SK is still doing this group buy??? I'd like to place an order and don't know how to contact SK as his PM inbox is full. Any updates? cheers.
  4. That's okay Liz, thanks anyway. As it turns out with the alternator belt going cause me to blow a welch plug behind the turbo. But it's all fixed now.
  5. Hey Mate, Was wondering if you still have the metal cooling pipe that comes from the turbo and follows up to the back of the engine. It's a small thin metal pipe. Cheers.
  6. Yay!! I finally got spotted, not the best way to get spotted though. Damm car decided to throw an alternator belt just as I got into the Lane Cove Tunnel. I pulled over at 7am, didn't get towed out until about 10am, then had to organise another tow from North Sydney to Ryde, because the RTA tow vehicles only tow you out of the Highway to safety then your on your own. Little tidbit, if you break down on the Gore Hill Freeway, private tow vehicles are not allowed to tow you out, only the RTA can do it.
  7. Ahhh yes, awesome stuff, thanks for that QWK32.
  8. Hey guys, I have a similar problem as well. If I'm reading this thread correct, in the spot where you can 'stick your finger through', is that where I should be putting a small amount of grease? Cheers.
  9. Hey Everyone... I'm after the following items. - Both Rear lights for a R33 GTSt. In white and must have zero leaks. - Both front and rear windscreen wipers . Pretty simple list, hoping someone out there can help me. Cheers. J/
  10. Thanks for the tip Basti, i'll give it a try. cheers.
  11. Just a quick one, I've read through the post and have not found the answer. How are you taking the rubber coating off the dash parts before painting. I want to try the Model paint method that was mentioned previously in the thread. Cheers.
  12. Do you have any pics of the finished install? Cheers/
  13. Received my items today. Awesome stuff, thanks for this group buy.
  14. I'm in too. PM me details for payment. Cheers.
  15. Does the hand brake boot come with the wire frame as well or does that need to be provided.? Cheers.
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