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  1. A Canadian customer conversion already done. We now have several customers successfully running this setup.
  2. Don’t compare powdered/moulded sintered gears to hardened all steel billet gears.
  3. Ok found out that rod length is 120.85mm so longer than a Tomei at 119.5mm and shorter than OEM at 121.5mm.
  4. I only just found that out also. Been eyeing up their 2.8 stroker. Does anyone know if it uses 121.5mm rods or shorter ones like Tomei?
  5. Nitto are not the authoritative answer on oil pumps or spline drives. Can respect their own findings maybe it wasn’t so successful based on what clearances and spline profile they tested with. We carried out our own R&D prior to launching them in 2014. We have successfully been selling spline drive kits for almost 5 years now with over 900 kits sold and yet to see the “Nitto theory” come to life..... Ironically our Jun kit fits the Nitto pump. Have a good few customers running a Nitto pump with a spline kit. That in my view is an anwesome pump because Nitto did use better materials and a billet 7075 back plate compared to Jun/Greddy.
  6. Available since mid 2014. Available for following pumps - N1, OEM, Jun, Greddy, Nitto, Tomei and N1 High Flow Kit.
  7. Over 800+ kits sold over the past 4 years. We make them for N1,Nismo, OEM81, Jun,Greddy,Nitto and Tomei pumps. Facebook.com/supertecracing
  8. If you have a Tomei Pump you do not need to scrap it. We supply a full conversion to Spline Drive. You would be better off with a Tomei as it it a better overal Pump.
  9. They have in some cases become oval and caused binding and lock up of the oil pump. Nothing to do with Spline Drive. We do however have Spline Drive upgrades for most pumps and the theory they bind due to crank flex is just a myth. Both ourselves Supertec and Spool have been selling these for the past 4 years. Zero gear failures reported to date for our kits.
  10. Spoke to Getrag themselves and they insist on using Dexron II oil because these gearboxes were designed with bushing that do not suit modern synthetic oils. I am now going to use Toyota T IV.
  11. Well first of all the capacity is 1.8 litres and not 4.1.But shows the lack of knowledge on your part because that is the capability for the 5sp r32/33 box. Tell me why would Nismo say to use the above oil of its shit and why would they supply it with their kit? The last 6 words are bad translations.
  12. The R34 manual states the use of a Dexron II or Esso D21065 oil with many others using similar oils or RP Syncromax or Toyota V160. I am not too keen on ATF even though people say it should be used. Anyone bought a complete kit from Nismo and confirm this was the oil supplied? My gearbox is ok when cold but as soon as it warms up the noise gets annoying. like a box of nuts. once the clutch is pressed its quiet. Other than that I have no issues changing gears up or down the gearbox. I will call my contact in Japan on Monday and get them to confirm with Nismo. If all is good I am going to use the 75W/140 oil listed below: Look at this picture: Packing unit Name Remarks 1 Getrag transmission 6-speed transmission, standard on the NISSAN BNR34 2 Transfer case NISSAN BNR34 Transfer Case 3 Front Propeller Shaft NISSAN BNR34 Front Drive Shaft 4 Rear Propeller Shaft NISMO BNR32/BCNR33 Rear Drive Shaft 5 Clutch 3 Choices NISMO Sports Clutch Kit (COPPERMIX Disc) NISMO Super COPPERMIX TWIN NISSAN BNR34 Flywheel + NISMO COPPERMIX Disc & NISMO Sports Clutch Cover 6 Transmission cross member NISSAN cross member from BNR34 Engine Mount NISMO BNR34 reinforced transmission mount Shift Knob NISSAN BNR34 shift knob Clutch Hose NISMO Stainless mesh Clutch Hose Oil NISMO COMPETITION OIL type 2189E(75W140) 2L (See note 1 below) Note 1) 2189E Competition Oil has become the transmission fluid of choice for many circuit drivers. You'll never have that unsettling feeling that your shift is dragging nor the noise factor that often comes into play with thicker oils. Feedback has been so good that we have included a free, trial sample in this kit. If you're looking for a low-viscosity transmission oil, please use this for Differential oil.
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