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  1. Jordy32

    Nismo S-Tune were in my 34, fine for the street/spirited drive and are fairly comfortable. Just keep in mind that they are probably quite an old unit by now and it'd be much better to get something brand new. The last thing you want to do is install old nismo shocks and have one die on you.
  2. Hot 😍 Looking forward to hearing about your haltech adventures
  3. R34 GTT uses a fork type rear which is the same as a R33 GTR S13 gear won't work no, and no you cannot (realistically) put the Fronts on the rear (or the other way around) the rear shocks are like twice as long as the rears - I've posted a photo of this in my build thread
  4. Jordy32

    And those threads are also filled with people telling you to buy a GT-T
  5. I used a small smear on the half moons for peace of mind, no sealant on any other parts of it and it hasn't leaked. Make sure all the bolts are in the covers too.
  6. Jordy32

    Yes, you'll need to change both front and rear diffs or the front wheels will spin faster/slower than the rears (depending on what you change the rear diff gears to)
  7. Stock one, silicone, or go to supercheap/repco and find a bit of 8mm heater hose with a similar bend and chuck it on. Don't over think it.
  8. Jordy32

    pretty cool news!
  9. Nissan parts have lasted 20 or so years and new nissan parts will too. I understand silicone is probably "better" but that's quality silicone. The ebay kits are honestly fine, it's just a bit of a lucky dip as some are good enough and others are not, some fit and others won't - whereas the genuine path is fairly trouble free.
  10. Jordy32

    I've used, and have seen mates use superpro with no problems, they also seem fairly priced. I'm planning on using superpro in the front end of my 34 when the time comes too.
  11. Yeah, plenum off and replace them all. Kudos Motorsports sell kits: Good time to install or paint/powdercoat a few things as well as new intake gaskets, hose clamps, oil cooler etc etc
  12. Jordy32

    No problem!
  13. Jordy32

    I'd suggest getting a big box of trim clips from ebay, search "Trim clip nissan" for example. or you can go the genuine route and work through amayama/similar sites.
  14. jesus that's awesome
  15. Jordy32

    Replace the whole thing. If that part has cracked the rest is ready to crack.