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  1. gktech ones are ok but I can also confirm that the paint chips off really easily which is a shame; their older style wheel nuts were quite good.
  2. They look fantastic!
  3. replace crush washers (can be bought at repco/super cheap auto <$5 ) clean it up and monitor if it still leaks grab a new line, braided is probably easiest and you'll be sorted.
  4. Awesome, following this!
  5. so it's a stock 34 gtt for 30k? wow
  6. GCG have all sorts of alloy pipes It's not cast, but it hardly matters
  7. I've blown a stock 21U in that exact fashion and found the oil feed to the turbo blocked, so that's a good thing to check. If you don't already have one, put a new braided line there to ensure it's clean and crank the car to make sure there's oil flowing. While you're only running 5psi you have no idea how hard it might have been pushed in it's past life and it could have been waiting to happen, they are sadly not well known for their strength..
  8. I have an R34 GTT with Cusco tension rods (pillow ball) and the increase in NVH was honestly negligible In saying that, I wouldn't be putting pillow ball bushes anywhere else on my car.
  9. Email Jesse Streeter and just get a new one from Nissan or buy via Amayama.
  10. Thanks mate! The wheels are 17x9 +22 all round I think the camber is a combination of the camera angle and from installing a new subframe and coilovers and not getting an alignment yet When they are flat they fit fairly well
  11. Playing around near home on a winter's afternoon!
  12. Went to Japan for a little bit, mucked around and checked out tourist side as well as the car side of things there which was great fun. With that, I also brought myself a host of goodies home which I've been either giving away to friends, or adding to my car. I've so far installed the Nismo GT500 Shift Knob Titanium Version which I bought from Nismo, an endless brake sock this cool LED Flare as my car didn't come with a flare. It's basically a replica with a heap of LED's in the top and runs off a couple of AAA Batteries, pretty neat! Anyway, so that was fun! But after driving my car for a little while which has been great fun my friend told me my centre brake light had stopped working So I ordered an LED replacement from eBay as some what of an experiment and I've added some pics below. Excuse the somewhat uninteresting photos.. Started by unclipping all of the trip clips Which leaves you with... In this case you'll need to remove the whole housing, so unbolt the two big bolts and pull it all out From there you need to seperate the red lens and the housing which is held in with 2 clips.. Once this is done I plugged in the LED pannel and mounted it in place with the supplied double sided tape, and 2 tiiiiny screws. I put it all back together as well as put some sound deadening on the boot lid while it was all apart and gave it a test! It's bright, quite bright actually! But honestly for a brake like I think that's a good thing anyway.. Another little job done!
  13. Nice looking R34, welcome to the forum
  14. It most probably won't 100% bolt up. However a welder will fix that for you
  15. Very smooth leather you have there