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  1. New pipes look great, very tidy job!
  2. That sounds annoying! Thanks for sharing lol
  3. Another good day! Woke up and helped my friend change his oil Thought the car looked cool here, the new headlights are a massive improvement Then we took the skylines over to Surry Hills for brunch Life ain't bad
  4. Thanks! Honestly, it's hard as they both have their ups and downs. The R32 is a great car, they are light, look cool and go fast enough(?). The R34 is heavier but also looks cool and is faster and has more torque, much bigger brakes etc etc and with the neo 25 there's not much more you need to do to them. Working on both an R32 and R34 you can see that the 34 is a more developed car which is also nice. I personally prefer my R34 as it's just a newer car, the interior isn't as dated and I feel a little bit safer in it. It's also much more stable and planted but all of these things are able to be changed with the right parts.
  5. Car has been great, my TRUST oil cooler kit arrived from Japan and I spent last weekend installing it! The only problem I ran into was that I ran out of space running the lines due to my turn flow cooler getting in the way, but I used my imagination and made it work. While I waited for the kit to arrive I bought an AN spanner (china specialé) and a tube of Aeroflow thread lube/sealant, just the usual AN supplies really. Test fit At this stage I released the front mount was going to have to come out.. This is the bit where I needed to use my imagination, the lines looked to hang really low, but after moving the slack from under the rad support back into the engine bay it hugs very tight and doesn't go lower than the pipework which is ok, I've also covered it in the protective covering provided. While it was all apart I installed a pair of great condition xenon headlights to replace my old and many a time modified headlights which was very welcome! Once that was all done I let it idle for a little while and get up to temp while checking for leaks and keeping a close eye on the oil level which seemed pretty spot on. Confident in my work I took it for a test drive for a good hour with no issues Very happy!
  6. There are 2 types, Xenon or Halogen, both take different bulbs. Google image search R34 Xenon Google image search R34 Halogen Pick the one which looks like your car Google search R34 Xenon/Halogen Bulb and traul some forums then buy a bulb. Alternatively, take the bulb out, take the bulb to an auto parts store and ask for 1 (or 2) of this one please.
  7. Get what you pay for, I'd suggest a standalone or Nistune. This has popped up in the past too, but no results ever made it here.
  8. I've got an 4.1 R200 vLSD from my R34 GTT Manual Turbo if you'd like
  9. Buy ones that say they are compatible with R32's lol -12 with off the shelf arms is a bit ambitious, have you considered discussing that with a fabricator?
  10. How much do you care about NVH? There's a bunch of aftermarket companies who make mounts but the stronger they get the rougher and louder the ride will be. If you want to get rid of all of the movement there is always the billet option but I personally can't think of anything worse.
  11. Thanks mate! Ha! Yeah I should take more photos of it.. I used to take a bunch and upload them on my tumblr but haven't for close to a year now
  12. Wow, looking at that ebay link that's the exact stuff he used!
  13. My friend re-trimmed his R32 GTS-T Roof with a black fabric, it looks really nice. In saying that, the grey skyline fabric gets pretty gross which makes improving on that pretty easy but I think the black looks really good.
  14. Any not-painted metal surface it can reach is fine.