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  1. "EVERYTHING IS ORIGINAL INSIDE AND OUT." Proceeds to show a big list of mods as well as a set of photos with an anything but standard R32 GTS-T Lol.. honestly with a JSAI GTR front bar and some time cleaning up the car it wouldn't be too bad a buy but it's hard to tell without actually seeing it, the rails, the bushings, engine/box etc Depends on your ability to fix these things, if you're never planning to take it to a mechanic it could be a cheap skyline to thrash about but if you're going to be paying a mechanic to fix things then I'd personally steer clear as from what I can see it'll need a few trips to the wreckers and weekends worth of work to get it up to a somewhat normal standard.
  2. Yeah mate careful, the Japanese are pretty well known for skipping details and poor build quality with products they manufacture.. lol..
  3. I believe the center bore size of the wheels on Evo's are different to skylines. 7 Wheels look awesome!
  4. Interesting! One question, with the electric pumps do you also run a cooler on the return line? Or does it work a little differently? Thanks!
  5. Exhaust gas will flow the path of least resistance, easier to flow out of a crack into the atmosphere than to push a turbine wheel. How big is the crack?
  6. Yes, you read that correctly! I'm looking to buy 1, or more Nismo wheel nut(s), the short type as I'm missing one and don't want to buy a whole new set. If you have spares, or are missing some please let me know and I'll buy 1 or more of them. Before you ask; Yes I am that ridiculous and yes I am that pedantic! Thanks! Jordy
  7. Cheers! Good luck with it mate, I love that lip and I want it a lot, but I know I'll blow it to bits.. I don't trust myself with it haha
  8. I have them I bought them from JSAI directly and they arrived a couple days later. I cover painting and installing them in my build thread, here's a link to the post.
  9. Ah fair enough. I'm located in Sydney so I had to get it shipped either way and ended up just ordering it and paying online. In saying that, I never really had to communicate with them so I can't comment on that
  10. I got my lip from them. Didn't really have much trouble with them at all
  11. If you're looking to go down the fiberglass/NOT OEM look, then I'd personally suggest JSAI. In terms of oem style, gumtree/wreckers.
  12. Gates Timing belt, or GKtech fan are common suspects for whine, if you've got either of those then I'd start by looking at those. As mentioned above, lifters won't whine
  13. This is a cool car, I saw it at Redsun actually That plenum adapter is a shame, I asked Matt about it after seeing it installed on your car and he showed me a number of photos which look identical to the ones above. It's possible but no way is it as "bolt-on" as Otaku Garage claim.. From seeing how it was made to work in person I can confidently say there's no way they actually bolted an RB26 plenum to an RB25 head with this adapter.
  14. Clean car mate! Welcome and enjoy!
  15. lol, is this real? buy a new pcv valve and hose. why make things more difficult than they need to be