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  1. Hey mate, replied to your PM. For those watching at home, I got them from Amayama and they got shipped from the Japan warehouse. Thanks,
  2. I'd price up a 6boost if you're in the market. USD exchange rate and Shipping will push the price up even more and 6boost have a great rep.
  3. Hey mate thanks! Still for sale at this stage so I guess this is a bump!
  4. Hey mate, will pass this ad on to a mate for you, just to confirm it's drivers side right? (looks like it, just want to be sure) Cheers
  5. Spent some time this afternoon doing a few little jobs to tidy up the car. I started by replacing the breather hose between the inlet manifold and the PCV valve. When I replaced the PCV valve a while back the stock hose crumbled and I replaced it with some fuel hose as a bandaid fix. This worked really well, so well in fact that I forgot about it for a long time. This is the hose: And I installed it with new hose clamps: During the week I also ordered 2 rolls of Turbosmart's vacuum line as I've wanted to replace some old vac lines in the engine bay for a while now. With a roll of 3mm and 5mm I managed to replace every vac line from the throttle body forward and next weekend I'll finish the rest, pic as an example of what I was cleaning up: As you can see, the old vac lines are fine but getting a little crusty, best to bin the lot and start fresh. Once that was done I got to work sealing up the radiator overflow nipple, this has been annoying me for a while now. With an 8mm spanner I pulled the nipple out, whoever assembled this radiator did it up way to tight and almost stripped it out but thankfully it survived I then wrapped it up in thread tape and sent it back to work, so far so good and the slight weep is gone!
  6. Cheers! From memory a 1:16, keen to get back and see how it goes with new suspension, bushings and a 1.5way LSD!
  7. Hidden from me too, probably an issue with the post itself rather than your user account. Either way, they're a pretty universal item both the camera and the double din head unit so any "kit" should be ok?
  8. White bumper won't be white for long lol
  9. 4.3 2way in it and live the NA dream!
  10. Car is back together and idling without leaking, success! Now begins the fun of track day prep, got a Wakefield day coming up in late march which sounds far away but track days always sneak up and my plan is to be well and truly prepared. I have a bit of a list of things to get done, and one item on the list is to replace my fuel pump. I don't think anything is wrong with it per-se however it's been making some strange sounds for over a year now and knowing my luck it will let me down at the worst possible time, so in order to ease my conscience I just ordered a new one. Pretty simple job, new fuel pump kit and Fuel tank O-Ring, the O ring is important!! 3 things for a good time Start by clearing out your boot and finding this pannel Balance the wires out of your way as best you can Stick your arm halfway into the tank (which is full to the brim of fuel, very convenient!) and fish this thing out.. Pull the old pump out and slip the new one in. Opted for the DW200 which is more than fine for my pretty much stock car.. ..and as you can see, it's pretty much the same as the walbro that was in there, so I just plugged it in and was all finished!
  11. I've got the 2 passenger side hoses brand new in bag ready to be installed, but they're with my car not with me. I can get pics/measurements for you too
  12. This is the list of numbers I used for replacing all of the rubber hoses in my engine bay, I added some metal pipes in there too, you can ignore those. I used this website/diagram to get part codes/numbers Hope this helps!