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  1. I'm almost sad to hear someone welded a GTR's diff.. Oh well, look if you're going to the pain of replacing the diff, I'd honestly suggest putting something aftermarket in there, a nismo LSD will really liven up the car's rear end grip
  2. As mentioned above, other cars don't have a bush there. I put solids in when I refreshed my rear cradle and I have no complaints.
  3. If you google the part number on the top you'll find a thread on here with some information which should help you.
  4. Pull it out, wash it with carpet cleaner and a gurney/pressure washer and put it back in Probably a job best left for the warm summer sun though
  5. My personal opinion is that it's never a good idea. You'll be fine with having the occasional skid, or wet pan/peanut day but drifting is incredibly harsh on every part of a car. Not only will you break critical items all the time, you will also strain everything else to the point of failure eg: suspension and bushes/clutch/diff/gearbox/engine/exterior and interior Which all round results in a lower quality car which you started with. And as mentioned you'll probably need to catch the bus at times..
  6. To answer your questions; No, I don't speak to Nissan as they are honestly a bit of a rip off. I use suppliers such as Kudos, Amayama and Jesse Streeter to source my OEM and/or aftermarket parts as it's cheaper and easier.
  7. Why not just buy a new OEM one and be done with it? Plug in and don't worry about it for another 20 years lol
  8. You don't hold back do you? haha I don't even know what to say, looks f**king mental to be honest lol!
  9. Mechanical LSD! And replacing all/any thrashed out bushings would also be a great start.
  10. You're probably having a hard time because they are not sold in seperate parts. The whole CAS is sold as 1 unit and people generally won't pull them apart, especially a working one. New Cam / Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) - Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25 / GTS25-t / GTS-4 & R34 GTR / 25GT / 25GT-4 / 25GT-t / GT-V - Hitachi Plastic Cap Type
  11. I also popped some HSD coilovers in over the weekend. Not an overly difficult job at all. Actually I think that comes down to patience but eh. I ordered these via @Street to Track who was really helpful! I already had an idea of what I was after, but he was able to answer any questions I had, and I had the coilovers only a fee days after ordering for a great price. I also got a braided clutch line, however didn't install that on the day. Drove up to the garage, opened up the box and jacked up the front of the car. For the fronts you're required to clamp a metal braked to the shock body which holds the abs sensor wire. Not too difficult at all. Once that's on, unbolt your old leaky nismo shock and slide it out of the way, and slip the new one in! Do the bolts up tight and re-attach the abs sensor bracket to hold the wire out of harms reach. While the car was up I also took the time to move the wheel arch loom a little closer to the body with some extra cable ties and clips. For the back it's similar enough, I did however undo the rear swaybar as it was making the bolts a bit hard to un-do, but that's 4 bolts away from being on the floor I know they're not the best coil over of all time, but they fit my needs perfectly and didn't cost too much. They're not overly uncomfortable either and it has dramatically increased the handling/feel of the car. Car has some pretty mean rear end grip with the new suspension and 1.5 way I think nismo S-Tune stuff would have been great out of the box, however mine was fairly thrashed out by this stage with 2/4 shocks leaking and the car feeling very boaty/bouncy Since then I've ordered a full water hose kit from kudos for the car so the next job is to replace the gktech replacement clutch fan with a new OEM item as my previous was starting to get the famous stress cracks along the hub and replace all of the rubber hoses in the car. While I'm in there i'll also look at buying or making a set of braided turbo lines for peace of mind.
  12. Every engine you've listed will probably cost more than $10k to rebuild and install in an S15, think wiring, clutch, ecu, fabrication etc etc. Why do you want an engine conversion, what are you doing with the car? A built SR20 will be both legal(enough) and will be a great match for the car.
  13. Wha? You mean you can't just bolt it in and it all works? I need a better hobby.
  14. Hello and welcome! Great choice in car I will say! There's a lot of info on these forums which will help you, hopefully she starts playing ball for you
  15. If you're trying to transplant the whole 4wd system just buy a GTR.