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  1. so i dropped some cams in and got some new wheels and some parts blitz z1
  2. if i had some time on my hands i would say yess but work is way to busy at the moment to make bonnets
  3. just a little up date got home from being over seas to come home to car parts
  4. yeah i will see what i can do in the way of a step by step fab thread when i get home. you only need to trim the latch handel because it hangs out of the grill but i will see what i can do i have more photos at home of making the bonnet im just over seas so when i get home i ill make a fab post
  5. from what i know its just the lip i left around 35mm on the lip also dont do a straight line from edge to edge or it will look funny i followed the origanal curve of the gtst bonnet lip to give it shape and it looks good and im not running a n1 lip but if you run the n1 lip it will give you a good idear of that the lip shold look like and it also gives a good finish
  6. yeah it is one way to do it if you cant find one
  7. i got my r32 gtst about a year and half ago so a lot has been done to it so its quiet a large 1st post going through what it was like and what it is now witch is a forged rb25. when i got it was a stranded rb20det with a turbo back it had all the rust cut out and a gtr bumper modified to suit the gtst and had a full respray which was perfect at the time a untouched engine and a good body. it was fine for about 6 months until i went to the wakefield with mates and my turbo decided to blow. so here are some photos of when i got it and when my turbo blow up. r32 bromance greedy intercooler did a top job stoping it all from going into the engine the exit hole from the explosion i was at around 7000 rpm when it went pop so after i blew my turbo up i was planing on just replacing the turbo then i meet grub from imposible fabrication who ended up being a top fabricator and also a a fabricator who i could trust and didn't rip off and was full of great advice. so i ended up getting a high mount manifold made a new dump and modified intercooler piping all to suit the td0625g slightly shorter piping that also didn't go over the hot side of the engine and in my eyes i thought looked a lot beta so i had that set up for a while then the motor decided to blow in a tunnel when it was hitting gate hard so the rb20 came out and i was going to drop in a rb25 and ended up forging the rb25 but while that was getting done i got board and made a vented bonnet,gtr wing,stereo install. and surge tank. this is a stranded gtst bonnet cut folded and welded to make it like a gtr. im not a fabricator so i made it up as i went it turned out will i think' this is the boot install i made it sounds nice and i can still fit the shopping as a head unit i used a samsung tab 3 for some thing diffrent im pretty happy with the out come i always believe you should try do it your self or you will never know what you can do so i got all that done and while i was doing that i made a parts list and went and ordered all the stuff for the engine os twin plate clutch balanced and drilled crank nitto oil pump ross harmonic balancer acl race bearings nitto rods cp pistons arp head studs tomei head gasket super teck valve springs tomei pon cams hks timing gear hks timing belt hks fuel rail sard fuel reg turbonetics 7868 ceramic ball bearing greedy look plenum (will be getting a real one soon) head drain. aem ems 2 aem cas disc aem air temp aem 3.5 bar map aem wide band there are some of the parts its not running yet it will soo the list goes on the clutch got drilled and shaved for balancing i was lucky to get to see the assembly of my motor right not this is what it looks like in there the most important part of any build is beer pizza and mates thats just some of the stuff i have done to my skyline up until now there will be more to come
  8. Mate I love you thread it's a very clean r32 respect
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