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  1. RB20/25 turbo standard exhaust manifold with external gate conversion/38mm Up for sale is a rb20/25 standard exhaust manifold with a external gate conversion done. Includes a 38mm tial gate, not sure if real or not and screamer pipe. Just need v clamp for the screamer pipe Located in Melbourne north Will post at buyers expense Contact me on 0428693525 $300
  2. The past week I've been giving the guys and hand with getting shit done to the car. It's almost complete with only a few parts left to be painted. I placed a order on coilovers yesterday and should be in by a week or so. Registration renewal came in even though I didn't drive it the whole year and got that paid and out of the way. Im hoping to give it a couple more weeks till it's 100% completed and planning on going to Calder park raceway to crack some numbers. Fingers crossed I'm hoping for a high 11. It will be my first time at the track so I doubt I'll get it that day haha. Here are some pics car is dusty in the pics
  3. Another update the 32 got painted a couple days ago. Came out really good as you can see in the pics. whats left now is to get the other bits sprayed and should be all done windows got put back in with a new front window and new seals all round. interior is all back in now just minus the door trims and a couple other bits which should all be done by the end of the week im going to place an order on some new bc br coilovers as i think my shocks are blown on the coils and throw them in, and also placed an order on a decat so we should be seeing some flames now with the e85 Cant wait haha enjoy the photos
  4. WE HAVE MORE PROGRESS Whole car is in highfill now and just has to be blocked down. Ordered the paint today, got the original gtr kh2 gunmetal grey. Stay tuned for more shizzz
  5. After a week of having it back on the road, decided to go on a nice drive to the beach cause the weather is so good, parked it up and went for a walk to come back and see someone had side swapped the rear guard ?? no note no witness no nothing Lucklily I had insurance but really shitted me as knowing the car has to be off the road again. I made the claim through and now it's at the panel beaters getting sprayed. Doing a full resprayed again cause I've wanted to change the colour slightly As they were stripping the car you could see how patchy the previous paint job was showing old paint and just was really bad. Theee guys aren't taking any shortcuts here as you'll see in the pics Still deciding on the colour Im deciding on wether I should paint it in original kh2 gtr gunmetal grey or custom galaxy grey. have 2 pics of what the colours are so feel free to let me know what you think.
  6. Bit of An update Took my r32 down to the workshop to get things done finally. Turned out that my turbo needed to be rebuilt so we sent that off and got that done. It was a one day turn around so was pretty stocked with that. Stayed at the workshop for about 1 week, in that time external wastegate got welded on with screamer, got vent weleded on to catch can and few other bits. They got the car running on e85 just on a base tune so I can drive it to the tuners. Dyno tune day came Headed straight down to untied to fill up some e85 and headed straight down to All sparks performance to get tuned. Got it loaded up straight away and away frank from all sparks started doing his magic. Frank knew that the motor was unopened so he wanted to keep the tune safe, till I upgraded the headstuds and headgasket. a couple laters on and couldn't be any happier with the result. 287kw on 20 psi. We hit 300kw but dropped it down just to be safe.
  7. WTB WANT TO BUY R32 rear wiper motor and rear window bottom mould As title states rear window mould that sits on the bottom of the windscreen, must be in perfect condition and rear wiper motor with nut located melbourne north but will buy interstate cssh waiting text me on 0428693525 or message me here
  8. Search up mcmtv2 on YouTube and they do a vh41 swap in a stagea. Very very detailed so hopefully that should help
  9. WTB r32 gtr VIC in the market for a r32 gtr, looking for a project so show me what you got. can be rolling shell or damaged or complete. located in melbourne victoria cash waiting show me what you have text me on 0428693525
  10. ive got one if your still intrested, located in melb but will ship pm me
  11. OK UPDATE TIME 4 months ago when i went to put my injectors in ended up in removing the standard plenum off, coolant then leaked into the air chambers where the valve stems are, didnt notice and put everything back together and it started spitting coolant, seals went and yeah it was a silly mistake which ive learned about. Now i have moved on and picked up a new long motor, sold the microtech and ive moved onto a power fc, and everything is bolted up and running... kinda, running about rough due to injectors but my 32 will be sent over to a workshop near my area to do some work for me. That will consist off 45mm turbosmart external wastegate welded onto the rear housing/ screamer pipe Fuel pump relay Full check over and basic base tune for me to drive to tuners here are some photos over the past couple of months Will be posting more updates on this build, so stay tuned
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