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  1. He he yep I did a search and this thread came up. Nope not looking for savings but just though last time I checked that was cheaper than 98 but you use allot more of it anyway but now can’t believe how much more expensive it is! But probably doesn’t have a big market in Canberra with only 2 servos selling it so got to be expected..
  2. I remember when I was last looking at the price of e85 it was cheaper than 98 but maybe I am not remembering right...
  3. After the ash tray in the centre console next to the ciggy lighter.
  4. Anyone know of anyone wrecking a r32 in Canberra by any chance?
  5. What has happened to the price of e85 in Canberra!? It used to be cheaper than 98 and now it is almost 40c per litre dearer...!
  6. Hey mate, There is no info or price for the injectors?
  7. Received my gauge holder which was very well packaged and had good communication from Ben. Looks very professional and well made so look forward to getting some gauges in it and brightening up my centre console! Thanks Ben
  8. Does the power steering reservoir have the plug attached to the lid?
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