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  1. Guys, Quick question. What is the difference between alu and cast iron chra - apart from weight? Do we know what aluminum grade is used by BW? how well does the alu hold up? Thanks kenny
  2. LOL. Thanks all. Got the hint, loud and clear. I need to sell the 9180 and get 8374 back... That is after I have confirmed that 9180 is not a good idea on stock displacement, which you all kindly did. The 9180, vcam and stuffs are all meant for a 2.8l engine that I planned earlier - sole reason why I sold the 8374 and got the 9180. 2.8l is still an option albeit an expensive one and i would rather not as the current engine is still very healthy and reasonably new. Vcam is not going in so soon. I need a set of piston with valve recess as the current cp pistons do not have them. I am currently running poncam type b. For the vcam, I bought hks 264 step 2 exhaust cam. It has a slightly bigger lift (10mm vs 9.15mm). Would you recommend swapping the hks in while maintaining the tomei type b intake cam when I swap over to the ported head? Response over power, definitely....
  3. Would a 0.92 ar work on stock displacement? Plus vcam? Really reluctant to build a 2.8l engine when the current engine is still healthy, current engine is <15k after rebuilt..
  4. Thanks....just realized.... the clutch was meant for the earlier turbo as well... What hp and torque were you running with the ATS triple carbon? Interested too see if the nismo can still hold up with your latest upgrade. then i can decide which clutch to go for.
  5. Stock displacement at the moment.... 5000rpm is like driving a honda for hill climb...nothing against honda tho... just not too comfortable with having to maintain a rev that high through out the drive.. I have a spare head, a ported n polished head off a race engine frm japan. I have no idea if it is a good port job. Will be using this head after i change the valve guides. Also have the Greddy intake which may just introduce more lag to the setup... For exhaust manifold, i have the non-wastegate fullrace that i bought for an earlier turbo that i have now sold. Will have to get wastegate flange welded onto the manifold. The earlier turbo was an efr8374 0.92ar - my life is full of crappy decisions...... How does the OS triple plates drive? I have the exedy triple carbon (hyper-r series i think) that i am planning to use with the 9180. Currently on ORC twin carbon, which is very easy to drive with no On/Off bite. However i have read and been told by numerous people that On/Off bite is inevitable with triple plates.
  6. The current gtss is easy on tight corners n windy roads but a bit boring when we hit the long stretches (down hill). Another mate has a 2.8l with gtrs n find the exact opposite of mine.. fast on long straights. On hill climbs, i try to maintain 3.5k and above most of the times on the gtss. O the gtrs, my mate needs to maintain 3.5k to 4k. If the 9180 requires more than 4k to be in the power range then it will not be a fun car for hill climb.
  7. Great. I hv the same! What clutch are you using at the moment? My main sport is hill drives. I am currently running a pair of gtss and looking at upgrading to efr9180. it is a 1.05... one of my mate has a stock engine with efr8374. it has a 0.92 without the actuator. Tuned to 1.2bar and the car is great. My current engine has poncam b, tomei rods and cp pistons (9:1). the engine runs great so i am very reluctant to rebuild it. As i am into hill drive, my main concern is response from the 9180. Do you of a dyno overlay to share? And maybe a vid of how the car goes?
  8. Are you running 4.1 fd with the getrag?
  9. very nice. how does it drive when compared to the 8374?
  10. Guys, what do you think the below setup? Would it be laggy? 1. efr9180 1.05 2. Fullrace manifold running twin gates 3. Rb26 87mm forged CP piston 9:1 compression with tomei rods 4. Ported head with tomei type b cams 5. Greddy intake 6. Getrag with 4.1 final drives I hv been searching for results of 9180 on stock 2.6l displacement but couldnt find much info. what i am really after is whether it is going to be laggy. Fuel will be 97 but running on wmi. Thanks
  11. 600atw would be nice and slightly more, activated via scramble boost when required would be great. Feedback i have gotten so far is the 0.92 housing fits perfectly on a 2.6l but on a 2.8l with vcam, maybe i should be looking at something slightly bigger. I already have the 8374 with 0.92 and getting the 1.05 housing alone is not worth it. So the option now is to stick with what i have or sell the 8374 and get the 9180 with 1.05 housing. Cant remember where I read this but some posted that the response between the 2 are almost the same - maybe 500rpm difference?
  12. Guys, would like to get some advice on efr choices. The setup will be HKS step 0 2.8l kit and hks vcam step 2 (think it is 264 intake with 8.5mm lift). on exhaust cam, i was told i need 272 high lift cam so i m planning to get hks step 2 cam. turbo choices are efr8374 0.92 internal gate or efr9180 1.05. Car is mainly a street car but i do hope to be able to bring it to track in the future. car is a bnr34 runninb 4.1 final drive. i decided on 8374 initially but after speaking to a few friends who has had experience with the same turbo on a built 2.6l, i am having second thoughts. Which would be a better choice between the 2? Thanks
  13. do you have r33 v spec rear diff?