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  1. wow looks good i will try this on the weekend thanks guys!!!
  2. This exhaust is doing my head in I tried metal polish and different types to but it still stays that rust orange colour. Someone please help
  3. ok so i there is nothing the bov is doing to the stalling, but we did rasie the idle a tad so the car has stopped stalling and also must of fixed the over boosting problem. a new ECU is defs on my list but money wise it is not going to happen very soon. and whats a nistune board? easy install and pricey? @GTSBoy
  4. will do, but also for my peace of mind, would it have anything to do with the factory ECU? @niZmO_Man
  5. Also i might add, the reason i changed the turbo is because the factory one shit itself but when it went out there was a bit of oil around the intake hoses, so i was wondering if some of that oil would have gotten on the AFM. should i remove it and clean it with contact cleaner? @admS15 @Dose Pipe Sutututu
  6. ok thank you @admS15 i will give it a go today. really appreciate the help and i am no expert. will let you know how it goes
  7. Why would the bov have anything with the engine stalling when I come off boost cuz the pressure is just going back though the turbo ?
  8. It's a factory bov but it is blocked of to re-curc and I have a front mount intercooler other than that its stock
  9. ok thank you cuz the car also over boosts but i assume thats just the factory computer @hardsteppa
  10. Car stalling while driving with new turbo hi all, i just replaced my turbo on my gtt from factory turbo to Garrett gt 30/76 internals on my factory housing. when i drive at a rpm over 3k and put it in neutral the revs will go all the way down till the engine stops. does anyone have any idea why this could be ? thank you
  11. @chicksluvit ok so there is no problem then? thanks!
  12. r34 gtt Decat good morning all, im planning on getting a decat for my r34 gtt, the pipe has no sensor holes in it. would i just move it out of the way and secure it? and any issues i should be worried about like check engine lights or different air fuel mixture? thank you
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