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  1. If it is JLM, they are quality mechanics and if my understanding is correct it is one individual who has tarnished their name.
  2. Hi, Ill be there, assuming i can fix the slow front diff leak on my 32 GTR.
  3. Flemdiggitty

    Imported R32GTR

    Pictures of my car before i bought her at auction in Japan.
  4. Hi There, Been on SAU for at least a half a year, never commented on anything just read a whole tonne of posts. Shoutout to RBN1 and ANTZ whose threads inspired me to buy a 32GTR. I've been slowly involving myself into the import scene - I've got a 97' Type S 180sx and an 89' K's S13. After reading a lot about S13's I decided to buy one, and I didnt quite enjoy it as much as I had hoped. Got a little bored of it, after trying to enjoy it (New paint, box and engine) and now it just sits collecting dust. I read the threads created by RBN1 and ANTZ and their genuine enjoyment from a car inspired me. Both with 32GTR's. Hoping to get the same enjoyment from a vehicle as those two did, i decided to buy one of those as well. After much consideration I contacted J-Spec Imports who helped me in my purchase. Eventually, I got onto a 94 32GTR. Currently, the vehicle is at the compliance house. But as soon as the vehicle is in my hands. Ill create a thread about her, and hopefully inspire others to find interest and enjoyment in a car. Im located in the Penrith (western Sydney) area. If you ever see me out, wave. It could be me or my old man. But we're both friendly.
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