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  1. Re M35 contact Daniel or one of the boys at Autostrada in Herston Brisbane Very helpful tell him what motor what transmission etc Roy 0418276699
  2. Do you want cruise for V35 coupe or sedan Roy 9418276699
  3. Was looking for right front headlight and 2 wheels if you still have available Roy 418276699
  4. Wanted pair of 18" 7 spoke V35 Skyline wheels Please contact Serious
  5. Serious


    Wanted to buy right hand headlight for V35 Skyline SEDAN SERIOUS
  6. Have set switches already Can you advise re kit for V35 coupe?? Roy 0418276699
  7. Hi, Have pair of switches already Have you a price for kit for V35 coupe???? Roy 0418276699
  8. Factory cruise control/sound system buttons for the factory steering wheel. Make your cruise control look "factorystyle" $130 new (or. $100 used) Factory wiring loom hookup Can also source 350 GT Facia with Double Din opening ( retaining factory air conditioning )$275.00 New Serious 0418276699
  9. Have just upgraded to double din in V35 350 GT Coupe Will sell separate, (or as one unit) $100 for sound system alone or $150 the whole assembly Contact serious 0418276699
  10. Fraction of recommended retail price at $275 plus any postage and handling Contact Serious
  11. I am wanting to change the dispkay screen to English on 350 Gt Coupe Is there a way i can do the fuel economy etc only and not worry about the TV and Navigation etc Roy 0418276699
  12. Am trying to locate a cruise control for V35 coupe Would prefer the genuine look Have left messages for some people without reply???
  13. Looking for cruise control for V35 Skyline Coupe
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