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  1. Hi guys i have up for sale 2 x Air Flow Meters for RB26 out of and r33 $150 for the pair a pair of the LED Tail lights untinted suit a lighter colour than midnight purple $120.00 ono and a pair of the Carbon fibre B Pillar covers (non nismo) for $50.00 ono let me know if your interested and i may be able to meet down Adelaide or ship out as i'm about 2 hours from town but head down every now and then
  2. Are these still for sale and what kind of price are you looking to get for these?
  3. hi, I'm pretty new to the whole Turbo and Skylines (never owned them before) so before I buy one I have a few questions and it would be great if you guys could help me out. 1. Can you get towbars for them if so what kind of price are they usually and where are they available in SA (this is a necessity for me as I need to cart my MX bike) 2. What are common things cops usually target as far as defects go I don't plan on being a dickhead in the car but sometimes that doesn't matter to police so I just want to cover my ass 3. For a reasonable version what would I be up for R33 GTS R33 GTR or R34 GTT 4. What kind of price do aftermarket performance parts go high or not bad That prob does it for my first few question but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. hi there everyone so I don't have a skyline yet but hopefully by the end of the year that will have changed and depending on what I hear on here because every site that comes up when I google a question tells me to ask people on here so here I am bright eyed and bushy tailed I'm a South Aussie who has had V8 and V6 Holden's and Commodore's in the past and i'm looking for a change. I've always wanted a 300ZX but at 30 with a girlfriend and possibly kids in the near future a Skyline seemed more practical. So this is my first post to say hi but I do have a lot of questions so hopefully you guys will be able to help me out Cheers
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