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    MMM just split with my wife after 30yrs bummer hay <br /><br /> owell still got my lyner

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  1. Hi mate im Bill would you take $200 for the standard suspention?
  2. mate all you have there i a set of normal R33 S1 GTS-T lights and even if they came of a gtr they are the same they are worth about 150each thats it
  3. mate just a quick reply on your ecu.. why remap it if it's already comes from japan standered tuning for above 100octane fuel.. japans premium is rated at 102octain .. so dont stuff around with it i recon .. the only thing i would sugest is running a after market ecu like i have for max tuning .. i have a microtech LT12 bigggy baked.. runs well since mine is all stock .. on 10lbs it's doing 180rwkw..and mine is a auto to.. Bill
  4. i'll give you $180 for it cause it looks like it needs a new core due to a lot of the fins are bent over .. pick it up when ever you like i am in mrlb .. call me 0418520650 Thank you Bill
  5. Hi im bill i was just wondering if you still have the intercooler for sale .. And if so .. does it have any leaks that you know of or any damadge to it .. pleas call me on 0418520650 or email me on [email protected] Thank you Bill
  6. hi hi is this a stock ecu for the auto .. if so are you sure your asking $1200 if its a $120 i'll buy it of you .. Contact me on 0418520650 or [email protected] Thanks Bill
  7. hey mate good on ya for sticking up for your self .. I have a R33 Auto as well and i am running a Microtech LT12 piggy backed .. i still have my stock ecu to run auto ecu and the LT12 just runs the engine side of it and i have had no probs with my auto ..
  8. [boy it sems to never suprise me with some of you would be machanics or auto elecs .. i have a r33 and when you start adding two decent amps the alternater in the skylines or vl cant handle it .. they are only a 45amp one .. i have one amp in my car which has a 150amp fuse and if i crank that up my amps drop under 10amps .. get a 70 to 120amp alternator .. Nothing to do with bad earth or anything .. vl commodore alternaters ar the same as a skyline cost about $300 plus ..
  9. Hi i have seen rear camber kits for R33's on Ebay for a $149 a set .. Besides i wouldnt go to pedders any how they are over priced and over rated in their products check out the link.. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  10. [here you are what i have on my R33
  11. undefined undefined Hi Guy's I am selling my 1995 R33 GTS-T S1Auto it has nearly 70k on the clock it in in near perfect codition and almost stock..the mods that have been done are as follows;; Microtech LT12's piggy backed and tuned by Dalton Automotive in Geelong Exaust from cat back set of wheels 18x265x 35 rears and 18'x235x45 fronts Eclipse Head unit with Kewwood 7X 10 rear speakers and sony 6 1/2" splits in the front running two amps Car is running 10psi boost making [email protected] wheels Engine oil replaced every 3000klm So as you can see the car is in almost stock condition i am asking $16,500 for it I can be reached on [email protected] or 0418520650
  12. G'day All I have my R33 for sale It's in mint condition white in colour and has only travled 68k's .. Only changes that have been made to this car is:: Fitted a Microtech LT12's Pigy backed tuned by Chriss Dalton Changed elbow on Turbo increased Boost to 10psi and it is now doing [email protected] changed Exaust from cat back fitted a top of the range Eclipse head unit & speakers ,, Fitted a boss 4x100rms amp and a good set of 18"x265 rears and 16:x235 front wheels on it ohhh and last but not least An air pod/.. Cars is serviced every 3000k's there is one small mark on driver"s front seat from getting in and out all the time other then that there are no marks or stains inside the car.. I am asking $19.500 for it Reason for selling i would like to get a R32 GT=R If there is some one out there that would like to sawp there R32 Gt-R call me on 0418520650 and we will have a chat // Also Email me [email protected]
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  14. Now here is some horse power from a Rb30 Calais and its for sale
  15. could you please send a couple of pix's of the s1 steering wheel please to [email protected]
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