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  1. Quite happy with the new state of the rails, however they obviously arent absolutely perfect. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a 32 that does these days. I also managed to swap the front end out of the gtst (rack, xmember, etc) for a GTR front reo that is pretty much perfect condition. Got my eye on a few air compressors at the moment which i will eventually use for my home sand blast / powdercoating setup.
  2. Thankfully GTST's share the same rail sections and the red ones were in pretty good shape comparatively. Rather than scrap the shell and waste good body sections we cut the rails out to use to repair the GTR. Everything has been taken back to bare metal with the replacement sections stitched in. Rust kill was extensively used and then primer sprayed on to combat rust for the time being. As the shell will be going on a rotiserrie in the near future for blasting, the whole underside will be back to bare metal, cleaned up more, treated and then coated in a deadener / liner.
  3. Been quite busy the last few months getting situated after purchasing my first home, so progress on the GTR has been slow. With that being said, I dropped both 32s off to a fab shop to get some work done on the chassis rails of the GTR. Is painful to post these photos but the work needed to be done! Unfortunately the gtr rails had the usual careless jacking damage etc that is common on 32s. Photo dump below.
  4. Could go for an R32 GTR brochure. Do you also happen to have an R32 GTR passenger fender?
  5. Prices definitely seem a bit high considering they are USD. 1: I wouldn't run the "billet intake" on an rb26. Absolutely no benefit over stock and will lose throttle response going from ITB's to a single TB. If anything I would go a plazmaman front half plenum which bolts up to the ITB's. More expensive, but do it properly or stay stock (which is still plenty good enough) 2: Docrace mani = expensive? 6Boost split pulse with twin or single gate is about $1300 AUD. = $900 USD? and likely better quality. 3: Haltech also seems very expensive. Not 100% up to date on their pricing but 2.2k USD seems high. Have you spoken to who is going to tune your car and what they prefer as ECU? There is other options which are also very good and not that expensive. Link, ECUmaster etc Finally, have you considered buying a "rebuild kit" from a place like spool imports? Well proven over 1000hp atw and decent prices for pretty well the whole bottom end including bearings etc. Hit up a place like "Golebys Parts" who are a dealer for Spool who can customise the kit to include whatever you need. Eg replace cometic HG with a Nitto / Tomei etc which would be recommended. They also do stroker kits etc. Take a look at these links - https://www.spoolimports.com/spool-products/spool-engine-rebuild-kits/nissan/rb26dett-rebuild-kits https://www.spoolimports.com/spool-products/spool-stroker-kits/nissan/nissan-rb28 https://www.golebysparts.com.au/collections/6boost-turbo-manifolds/products/nissan-skyline-rb26-6boost-turbo-manifold?variant=15659818582125 https://www.golebysparts.com.au/collections/haltech-plugnplay-ecu-kits/products/haltech-ht-151357-elite-2500-plugnplay-adaptor-harness-ecu-kit-nissan-skyline-r32-33-gts-t-gt-r-r34-gt-r
  6. hey all, just about ready to send the car off to blasting / primer etc but I need a passenger front guard to complete the body panel puzzle. If anyone has one that would be fantastic thanks!
  7. Hey guys, chasing an r32 gtr front passenger guard. Anywhere in qld Cheers!
  8. Congratulations mate. Pretty great feeling owning your first skyline! Plenty of knowledge around here if you end up needing help!
  9. Also keen for info. Going through the same process. Lucky I have a 32 gtst here to steal interior stuff from.
  10. If you take a look at the LX Torana GTR thread, the owner has used a silver KBS on the inside of the shell which will then have sound deadener put on top. At this stage im either thinking about repainting the interior the body colour or doing the KBS sealer. I'm unsure with the KBS whether it needs a bare metal to adhere to, or you could just scuff up the body with a scotch brite pad etc.
  11. Don't have much of an update unfortunately. In the process of buying a house so time and money has been elsewhere recently. I have sold all my other cars (green r32 and r31) so i only have the gtr to focus on now once im setup in the new place. Renovations are needed at the house too so im sure this will slow down even more unfortunately Thought i might chuck up a few photos just to show that nothing has changed 🤣
  12. Awesome mate. I'm hoping to paint mine TH1
  13. I've never thought of painting the inside of the body with KBS. My plan always only included doing the under body...but now you have me thinking.... Will this be the only form of sound deadening in the interior, or will you still be putting something like Dynamat under the carpet? Or, is this KBS just a sealer / rust killer paint rather than a sound deadening coating?
  14. Got around to picking up rear subframe and put them both in this arvo so it will roll on the trailer for rail / sandblast work. Its still a shelf at the moment unfortunately but hope to get some pallet racking or similar soon to make better use of the area. About to lose over half my shed to new home owners Does anyone bave reccomendstions for a good vlaster in brissy / seqld area that can do the engine bay, boot floor and window trims etc?
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