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  1. Unfortunately the goings on have been very slow. Progress has stalled for the last 6 months nearly waiting for a body shop to commit to the job. Finally got a shop organised but it has been on their rack for over a month now. Times are busy and funds are low so not too stressed but it's not fun. In other news I purchased another rb25 swapped 32 which I'm going to be fixing up and flipping to use the profit on the gtr.
  2. I have a set of Nismo skirts as well...but from my quick look it seems the holes in the chassis are different between the standard and nismo bodies? Just didn't seem to line up at all for me.
  3. So I bought another 32 GTR. Woops. Just need a few things off it then will be for sale.
  4. Stock bottom end direct from what seems to be a relatively low km 32 that had stock turbos etc. No cracks around the head studs or common spot near oil feed. Still has the stock headgasket. Unfortunately it spun no 1 rod bearing and looks like two was starting as well. Hopefully comes out with a linish, however will see. it may need a grind. Head has been ported both intake and exhaust, has been machined for high lift cams and is cut for 0.5mm oversized valves, along with bronze guides etc. Unfortunately, similar issue to the bottom end and both E1 and I1 cam journals have suffered poor oil supply and started to melt the alloy. It was cheap enough that even getting it repaired i'll be ahead of what a stock one costs these days. Currently trying to find a shop that is confident and has tunnel bored DOHC heads before that can get this one spick and span. Is anyone familiar with the process and can give me a run down on it?
  5. Picked up both a 26 bottom end and a head in the last fortnight. Both need work but will still work out heaps cheaper than buying a together motor. Going to need a gearbox soon!
  6. Next step is to chuck the subframes back in to make the shell roll again, then off to a big repair shop to go on the car-oliner and get some things checked. There is a very slight kink where it looks like one of the rear tow hooks was bumped and or reversed into something. Also there is a dint in the sill from god knows what that needs to be pulled back down. The painter is going to tackle the rest of the body work and straighten the lower rad support bar which you can see has a few dints in it.
  7. Monday morning. Day of truth. Small repair done in japan. Thankfully painter is happy with how the repair was done and says it was completed correctly.
  8. Been a hot minute since I've updated the thread, or done a whole lot on the GTR truth be told, however some pretty big progress was made over the weekend. Got a few mates over to do some final preperations before blasting.
  9. Yeah, I work in the Healthcare industry so it's definitely getting interesting. I imagine I will begin working from home sometime soon. I feel pretty lucky I have a Gov job so work is not an issue for me, however $$ is still tight with a mortgage, car loan, bills etc so GTR progress is going to be slow. I have the complete exterior now, so just prepping the shell for blasting and primer which is the next step. Then it will probably sit in that stage for a year while I slowly build a motor haha. Definitely need some extra curricular activities to generate some side cash for the build. Just not sure what to do yet.
  10. You can get pullers that you spot weld on then pull down on but not sure if they would have enough leverage. Slide hammer you might need to drill a hole in the metal. Not too familiar with the methods sorry.
  11. You would probably be better off using a slide hammer and pulling the dint out. Most people do that, unfortunately mine were too far gone.
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